Political Science

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  1. Nativist
    Antiforeign; applied to political movements active iin the 19th centrury in the US
  2. Urbanization
    The movement of people from rural areas to cities
  3. Industrialization
    the transformation of a society's economy from one dominated by agricultural pursuits to one dominated manuficacturing
  4. Sun Belt
    states of the lower south, southwest and west where sunny weather and conversative politics have often prevailed.
  5. Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
    monetary value of all goods and services produced in a nation each year, excluding income residents earned abroad
  6. Median Household Income
    the midpoint of all household ranked by income
  7. Powerty Line
    the federal goverment calculation of the amount of income failies of variouse sizes need to stay out of powerty. in 2008 was $22025 for a family of four
  8. Capitalism
    an economic system characterized by private ownership of productive assets where decisions about how to use these assets are made by individuals and firms operating in a market rather than by government
  9. Globalization
    the increasing tendency of information, products and finacial capital to flow accross national borders, with the effect of more thightly integrating the global economy
  10. Core Believfs
    the most fundamental beliefe in a national population about human nature, the country, goverment and the economy
  11. Political culture
    the set of core beliefs in a country that help shape how people behave politically and what they believe goverment should do
  12. political socialization
    the process by which individuals come to have certain core beliefs and political attitude
  13. populism
    the belief that the common person is every bit as good as those with wealth and power
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