Cognitive Psych

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  1. Cognitive Psychology
    Study of the Mental operations that support peoples aquisition and use of knowledge
  2. Human Information Processing
    The psychological approach that attempts to identify what occurs during the various stages of processing information
  3. Sensory Store
    Part of memory that holds un-analyzed sensory information for a fraction of a second, for further analysis
  4. Pattern Recognition
    Stage of perception during which a stimulus is identified
  5. Filter
    part of attention where information is blocked ( not recognized ) while other information passes through recognized
  6. Selection Stage
    Stage that follows pattern recognition & determines which information person will try to remember
  7. Short Term Memory ( STM )
    Memory that has limited capacity and lasts approximately 20 to 30 seconds without trying to remember
  8. Long Term Memory ( LTM )
    Memory that has NO capacity limits & lasts from minutes to a lifetime
  9. Bottom up processing
    The flow of information from the sensory store toward LTM
  10. Top down processing
    The flow of information FROM LTM toward the sensory store
  11. Stimulus response
    Approach that emphasizes the association between a stimulus and a response, without identifying the mental operations that produced the response
  12. Artificial Intelligence
    study of how to produce computer programs that perform intellectual tasks
  13. Plan
    temporally ordered sequence of operations for carrying out a task
  14. Cognitive Science
    interdisciplinary attempt to study cognition
  15. Cognitive Neuroscience
    Study of the relation between cognitive processes and brain activities
  16. MRI
    Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  17. PET
    Positron emisions to study brain activity with radioactive tracers
  18. ERP
    event related potential diagnostics using electrodes to measure brain waves
  19. Tachistoscope
    A box that presents visual stimuli at a specified duration, and level of ilumination for controlled conditions
  20. Template
    An un-analyzed pattern that is matched against alternative patterns by using degree of overlap measuring similarity
  21. Interstimulus Interval
    amount of time between the end of a stimulus & beginning of another stimulus
  22. Feature theory
    pattern recognition that describes patterns in terms of their parts or features
  23. Perceptual confusion
    measure of the frequency with which two patterns are mistakenly identified as each other
  24. Distinctive feature
    feature present in one pattern but absent in another
  25. caricature
    exaggeration of distinctive features
  26. structural theory
    theory that specifies how the features of a pattern are joined to other features of the pattern
  27. Geons
    Different 3-D shapes that combine to form 3-D patterns
  28. Whole report procedure
    task requiring observers to report everything they see in a display of items
  29. Partial report procedure
    Task where observers are cued to report only certain items in a display of items
  30. Visual Information Store
    Sensory store that maintains visual information for approximately 1/4 second
  31. Rehearsal
    Repeating verbal information to keep it active in STM or transfer to LTM
  32. Auditory Information Store
    Sperlings model maintaining verbal information in STM through rehearsal
  33. Serial processing
    Carrying out one operation at a time
  34. Parallel Processing
    carrying out more than one operation at a time
  35. Scan Component
    Attention component of Sperlings model that determines what is recognized in the visual information store
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