chapter 6 part 1 stems

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  1. Shoot
    -above ground

    -both stem and leaves
  2. Stem
    -above ground

    -upright part of the plant (w/o leaves)
  3. 5 Function of stems




  4. (functions of stem) Growth
    -makes it taller

    • *increases in length via apical meristem
    • *increases in width via lateral meristem
  5. (functions of stem) Support
    -major function in woody plants

    -where branches and leaves attached
  6. (functions of stem) Conduction
    -water and nutrients via xylem

    -sugars via phloem
  7. (functions of stem) Storage
    -stores starch (parenchyma)

    • -major function in modified stems
    • *white potatoe
  8. (functions of stem) Photosynthesis
    -young plants area underneath epidermis

    • -modified stems
    • * cacti lacking leaves
  9. Herbaceous stems

    -primary tissue

    -older plants-makes up newest growth
  10. Apical meristem
    -cell division

    -tip of plant

    -increases length
  11. Primary meristems
    -cell division and cell change

    • * Protoderm, Ground meristem, and Procambium=
    • Epidermis, Cortex and Pith, and Vascular tissue
  12. primary tissues

    -cell tissue
  13. Image Upload 1
    -Fiber cap


    -Fascicular cambium

  14. Vascular Bundle
    • -bundle or strands of vascular tissue
    • *xylem, phloem, fibers, and parenchyma
  15. Fibrovascular bundle (fiber cap)
    -vascular bundle with fibers
  16. Characteristics of young dicot
    - may form merismatic tissue or cambium

    -fascicular cambium

    -interfascicular cambium (some)
  17. Fascicular cambium
    -cambium inside bundle

    -located between Phloem and Xylem
  18. Interfascicular cambium
    cambium between the bundles
  19. Older dicot stems
    -may develop a lateral meristem

    • -combines fascicular and interfascicular cambium
    • * also called vascular cambium

    - forms secondary tissue
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