330 3.1 Ch 4 & 5

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  1. cognition
    • to come to know
    • to think
    • to learn
    • to problem solve
  2. sensation
    • incoming senses (aud input)
    • develops in utero
    • newborn is flooded with sensations
  3. fetus begins to organize sensation by...
    2 months
  4. perception
    organization of sensation
  5. habituation
    when individuals can practice selective attention and thus not need to respond to background sensations
  6. concepts or schemes
    baby has enough repetitions of a certain perception of a 'bundle' of sensations, then they become 'concepts' or 'schemes'
  7. these concepts become interconnected via....
    webs mental maps
  8. concepts become interconnected via
    • webs of mental maps which give rise to categories of concepts based on perceptual info.
    • baby stores these mental maps and then is freed up to deal more efficiently with other incominf stimuli
  9. at birth to 3 months baby is
    1st movements/learning
    • presymbolic (prerepresentationl)
    • first mevements are reflexive
    • first learning is sensory
  10. behaviors =
    window into cognition
  11. object manipulation
    • at first - undifferentiated behavior regarding objects in environment
    • 6 months - becomes a little more differentiated (begins 'examining' it and may differentiate some objects
    • later - becomes conventional (spoon to mouth)
  12. Imitation
    • 8 months - imitates others if he has that behavior in his repertoire and can see himself doing it
    • 9 months - imitates sounds of own language
    • important for language development
  13. goal directed behaviors
    • 9 months - means to an end - to have a goal in mind and anticipate events separate from those she is immediately involved in
    • communication intent becomes more real and gestures
    • gestures begin correlating with vocalizations
  14. object permanence
    will look for something out of sight (8 months)
  15. causality
    • strong relationship between causality and the action type word symbols
    • to child it means that people and objects in the environment cause change
  16. becoming symbolic
    • by 12 months baby become symbolic - realized some things can stand for others
    • tool use happens
  17. at 18 months baby can
    better predict cause and effet of things and thus solve problems
  18. cognitive processes allow babies to...
    grasp consistencies in their environment which will eventually be shared meaning with com partners
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