LilleyChpt30Pituitary Drugs

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  1. the gland above and behind the pituitary glad and the opitic shiasm. Both glands are suspended beneath the middle area of the bottom of the brain.
  2. It secretes the homones vasopressin and oxytocin, which are stored in the posterior pituitary
  3. secretes several hormone-releasing factors that stimulate the anterior pituitary to secrete variety of hormones that control many body functions
  4. a systme in which the production of one hormone is controlled by the levels of a second horomone in a way that reduces the output of the first hormone.
    Negative feedback loop
  5. a gland produces a hormone that stimulates a second hormone
    Negative feedback loop
  6. In response, to the increased levels of the second hormone, the source gland of the first hormone reduces production of that hormone, until blood levels of the second hormone fall below a certain minimum level needed; then cycle begins again
    negative feedback loop
  7. the system that regulates the reactions to both internal and external stimuli and involves the integrated activities of the endocrine glands and nervous system
    Neuroendocrine system
  8. An endocrine gland suspended beneath the brain which supplies numerous hormones that control many vital processes
    pituitary gland
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Lilley Chapter 30 Pituitary Drugs

Lilley Chapter 30 Pituitary Drugs
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