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  1. What is UV used for?
    chemical effects on skin, not thermal
  2. How deep does UV penetrate skin?
    2mm or less
  3. How much UV rays come from the sun?
  4. What are 2 types of artificial sources of UV?
    • hot quartz
    • cold quarts
  5. What are some physiological effects?
    • latent erythemia
    • hyperplasia (thickening of epidermis)
    • pigmentation change
    • destruction of bacteria
    • formation of vit d
    • increased resistance to infection
  6. What are some effects of excessive dosage?
    • burns
    • symptoms of protein shock, pallor, shallow pulse, low BP
    • photosensitivity with drugs-HTN, gold, quinine
  7. Which erythemal reaction has no effect?
    suberythemal dose (SED)

    • irridation insufficient to cause reddening
    • usefule in photosensitization with UV
  8. What type of erythemal reaction do we want to achieve?
    minimal erythemal dose (MED)

    • slight reddening with peeling (appears within 8 hours, disappears withing 24 hours)
    • used for intial dosage of UV
  9. What type of erythemal reaction has reddening that appears after a few hours (6ish) and lasts 1-3 days?
    first degree erythemal dose (1ED)
  10. What type of erythemal reaction is marked by reddening with considerable itching that subsides in 3 days (sunburn like)?
    second degree erythemal dose (2ED)

    appears in 2 hours, edema, peeling, pigmentation
  11. What type of erythemal reaction produces severe reddening after 2hours and lasts several days; consists of blistering, peeling, and deep pigmentation?
    third degree erythemal dose (3ED)

    nasty burn
  12. How do you perform a MED test?
    • apply strip (6holes) to an area not exposed to sunlight
    • set lamp 30inches away from surface, and perpendicular
    • expose first hole for 30 sec, then second for 30 sec..expose the last 4 holes 15 seconds each (total 120 seconds)
  13. After giving a MED test, what should be done?
    • pt must check test area every 2 hours and report what each hole is doing
    • shortest dose to appear and disappear withing 24 hours is the MED
  14. What are some indications?
    • acne
    • psoriasis
    • decubitus ulcer??
    • general debility (try to make them hungry or something, get some sort of reaction)
  15. What are some contradictions?
    • tb
    • cardiac/kidney diseases
    • hyperthyroidism
    • dm
    • over the eyes
    • if getting xray txs or have within 3 months
    • very sensitive skin
    • if they have SLE (lupus)-very high sensitivity to light
  16. What are some special precautions?
    • both you and pt must wear goggles
    • your sking will also be exposed and treated
    • CAREFULLY monitor times
    • treat burns if they occur
    • blondes/red heads/skin thin/old/young
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