Chapter 9: Air

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  1. Daily temperature and moisture conditions in a place.
  2. Long-term weather patterns
  3. Minute particles and liquid droplets.
  4. Within the troposphere, air circulates in great vertical and horizontal...
    Convection currents
  5. Trapping of heat by the earth's atmosphere, which is transparent to incoming visible light waves but absorbs outgoing long-wave infrared radiation.
    Greenhouse effect
  6. Stored energy in water vapor.
    Latent heat
  7. The apparent curvature of the winds.
    Coriolis effect
  8. Hurricane-force winds that circle the earth.
    Jet streams
  9. Together, the surface- and deep-water circulation make up...
    Thermohaline ocean conveyor
  10. The most regular seasonal winds and rains are known as...
  11. The three major terms referring to a major ocean-current/climate connection that affects weather throughout the Pacific.
    El Nino, La Nina, Southern Oscillation
  12. A panel that brings together scientists from many nations and a wide variety of fields to assess the current state of knowledge about climate change.
    Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
  13. A treat that sets different limits for individual nations, depending on their output before 1990. George Bush refused to honor it.
    Kyoto Protocol
  14. Pollutants released in harmful form
    Primary pollutants
  15. Compounds created by reactions driven by solar energy
    Photochemical oxidants
  16. Do not go through a smokestack.
    Fugitive emissions.
  17. Group of seven major pollutants that contribute the largest volume of air-quality degradation.
    Conventional pollutants
  18. The air around us.
    Ambient air
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