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  1. The Persian War lasted? Where?? Between who??? How????
    lasted? 499BC-479BC

    where? Asia Minor

    who? Persians vs. Athenians

    how? ionia - a greek colony that rebelled got gold from athens and Darius made an example of them after that he made it his mission to take over the athenians
  2. What was the 1st invasion of the persian was called? how many soldiers did the persians have?? the athenians ???
    • the battle of marathon
    • 20,000 persians

    10,000 hoplites
  3. who won the battle of marathon? Was this a good or a bad thing??

    bad because they got extremely cocky and believed they could take on anyone
  4. who was general miltiades?
    an athenian general in the battle of marathon who realized that the persian defence wasnt set up good so he set up a phalanx and boxed the persians in before they ever got their calvary off of the ship
  5. how many persians died in the battle of marathon? athenians?
    6,492 persians

    192 athenians
  6. who was themistocles?
    an athenian congressman who told them to get it together and stop being cocky because the persians were gonna come back
  7. what ways did themistocles tell the athenians to shape up before the persains came back?
    • 1. he told them to get allies
    • - mostly with sparta
    • 2.tells them they have to build a navy
    • -200 ships in their fleet
    • - light ships with bronze noses to ram the persians ships
  8. 2nd persian invasion? where?? when??? Who????
    called the battle of thermopylae

    • 480 BC
    • thermopylae

    spartans vs. persians
  9. who was the persians leader in the battle of thermopolyae?
  10. who won the battle of thermopolyae?

    the spartans had the persians held off until a greek traitor led the persians to victory
  11. Battle of salamis?
    • a naval battle between the persians and the athenians
    • greece rammed persians ships they fought on persian ships and they used archers greece won Signifigance - western civilization survived which led to the creation of a democracy
  12. Peloponnesian war? Who? When? who won? Handicaps?
    • athens vs. sparta
    • 431-404 BC
    • spartans won
    • atheninans were struck with plague
  13. King Philip of Macedonia?
    • - admired greek culture
    • - superb military conqured all of greece except sparta
    • - assinated at his daughters wedding
    • - son was alexander the great
  14. Alexander the great?
    - considered worlds 1st conqurer

    - wanted to conqurer all of the east

    - responsible for spreading greek culture

    -Arestotal the great was his toutor
  15. where was greece?
    mainland Balkan peninsula

    • no land for agriculture
    • -grew grapes and olives
  16. city-states?
    known as polis

    difference between the city-states

    1. different types of governments

    2. own money systems

    3. own seprate gods


    1. all spoke greek

    2. same religion

    3. dress was similar

    4. all played in olympic games

    5. built on an acropolice
  17. mythology?
    traditional stories that tries to explain a natural phenomonon
  18. oracles
    a prophet (delphi - greatest oracle)
  19. Zeus?
    king of gods (Eagle) throws lightning bolts
  20. Hera?
    queen of gods, goddess of marraige (peacock)
  21. Demeter?
    goddess of agriculture
  22. athena?
    • zeus's daughter
    • goddess of wisdom and warfare
  23. Apollo?
    god of sun music and prophecy
  24. Artemis?
    goddess of moon hunting and viginity
  25. Ares?
    goddess of war
  26. Aphrodites?
    love and beauty
  27. Hephaestus?
    metal working, crippled
  28. minoan civilization?
    on the island of crete
  29. Sir Arthur Evans?
    found knossos

    King minos whos wife was said to give birth to a minotaur had a written language called linear A
  30. knossos was destroyed?
    a tital wave
  31. Heinrich Schliemam
    found the mycenaean civilization
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