Neuropath - Dementia and Degeneration

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    Diffuse cortical atrophy as commonly seen in Alzheimer's Disease
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    Alzheimer's Disease
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    Granulovacuolar bodies as seen in Alzheimer's Disease
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    Hirano Body as seen in Alzheimer's Disease
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    • Silver stain demonstrating plaques and tangles as seen in Alzheimer's Disease
    • Tangles have a "flame-shaped" appearance
    • Plaques look like "burned-out camp fires"
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    GranulovacularDegeneration small cytoplasmic vacuoles with a single granule
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    Hirano Bodies as seen in AD
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    • Alzeheimer's Disease
    • Neurofibrillary Tangle
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    "spikey ball" pathology seen in Kuru
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    Spngiform changes typical for CJD
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    Pulvinar hyperintensity commonly seen in CJD
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    Putamenal hyperintensity seen in CJD
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    Lewy Bodies typical of Dementia with Lewy Bodies
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    Knife-edged pattern of gyral atrophy typical for Pick's Disease
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    SIlver stain showing Pick Bodies and Tangles
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    Neuromelanin accumulations as seen in progressive supranuclear palsy
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    Loss of dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra as seen in Parkinson's Disease
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    Atrophy of the caudate as seen in Huntington Disease
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    Gross spongiosis as can be seen in CJD
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    White matter changes sparing the U-fibers as can be seen in leukodystrophies like Karabbe, Metachromatic, and Adrenoleukodystrophy.

    NOTE: Canavans and Alexanders affect the U-fibers.
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    Cresyl Violet stain showing brown discoloration of Myelin seen in MLD
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    Spongiform changes seen in Canavan’s Disease which are similar to CJD
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    Rosenthal Fibers which are eosinophilic astroytic inclusions also seen in PikocyticAstrocytomas
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