330 4.2 Ch 6

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  1. do caregivers directly teach their children language
    • no, theu do things that will facilitate language learning
    • model (motherese)
    • prompt
    • respond in certain ways to child's talk
  2. motherese : pragmatic characteristics
    • may depend on child's style
    • either referential namers or conversationalists
    • does not use fillers like um that serve to grab the conversational turn
  3. prompting
    3 types
    • whatever will get a child to respond to something
    • Fill ins: this is a ___
    • elicited talk "Say X"
    • questions
  4. caregiver responding behaviors
    • respond for truthfulness not grammar
    • reformulation or recast
    • expansion
    • extension
    • imitation
    • turnabouts
  5. reformulation or recast
    • to check understanding of childs speech
    • adult repeats utterance and fills in issing pieces
    • children then repeat the reformulated
  6. expansion
    preserves word order and adds more grammatical meat
  7. extension
    extends semantically the child's utterance
  8. what percent of imitated speech will be reimitated by the child
  9. turnabouts
    • ways the caregiver gets the child to take his turn at talk
    • it serves to answer a question or ask one
    • one type of contingency or quest for clarification
  10. differences in how caregivers influence learning due to
    • culture
    • SES/class
    • gender
    • number of kids in family
    • perceived abilities of children
  11. middle class american culture
    • children held in high regard
    • children are talked 'with' not necessarily 'at'
    • value verbal epression early and often of our children
  12. other input that may play a role in langauge learning
    • being around people talking
    • TV
    • beaing read to (very important)
    • overall quality of home life
    • well fed; nourished
    • loved; protected
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