Patterns Syndromes 1

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  1. Interior Syndrome of the Kidney Manifestations
    1. Chronic Low Back Pain 2. Weakness
  2. Intermediate Syndromes
    1. Exterior pathogen fights antipathogenic Qi 2. Both pathogen and antipathogen too weak to defeat one another.
  3. Exterior Syndromes treatment methods
    1. Release the Exterior 2. Expel pathogenic factors.
  4. Transmission of pathogen from exterior to interior
    Worsening of disease- aggravation
  5. Differentiation of exterior and interior
    Location of the present location of disease
  6. Interior Syndrome clinical manifestations
    1. Fever or chills BUT NOT SIMULTANEOUSLY 2. Deep pulse 3. ABN tongue coating
  7. Bi Syndrome Heat
  8. Interior syndrome external causes
    1. Transmission of exterior pathogen to interior 2. Direct invasion of interior bypassing superficial region.
  9. Complicated syndrome
    Heat and Cold exist simultaneously
  10. Interior syndromes internal causes
    1. Emotional 2. Diet 3. Overexertion
  11. Exterior pathogen invading interior manifestations
    1. Yellow tongue coating 2. Sweating/Thirst 3. Rapid Excess pulse
  12. Collapse of Yin manifestations
    1. Large amounts of sticky, warm, salty, sweat 2. Scanty or no urine 3. Red dry tongue 4. Thready rapid deficient pulse
  13. Interior syndromes of the ST manifestations
    1. Nausea 2. Vomiting
  14. True Excess with False Def manifestations
    Pulse is forceful
  15. Collapse of Yang manifestations
  16. Interior syndrome of the SP manifestations
    1. Poor appetite 2. Loose stools 3. Weak limbs.
  17. Bi Syndrome painful
  18. Def Heat syndrome manifestations
    1. Thready, rapid or superficial deficient rapid pulse 2. Red tongue with no coating.
  19. Yin Def manifestations
    1. Night sweating 2. Thready rapid superficial deficient rapid pulse 3. Red tongue with NO coating 4. Low grade fever.
  20. Transmission of pathogen from interior to exterior
    Alleviation of Disease
  21. Cold transforming to Heat cause
    Strong response by the antipathogenic qi and pathogen
  22. Exterior Syndromes key manifestations
    1. SIMULTANEOUS CHILLS AND FEVER 2. Superficial pulse 3. Acute onset 4. Thin white tongue coating.
  23. Excess heat syndrome manifestations
    1. Rapid excess pulse 2. Red tongue with thick yellow coating.
  24. Interior syndrome of the LU manifestations
    1. Cough 2. Wheezing.
  25. Heat transforming into Cold manifestations
    1. High fever 2. Surging, rapid pulse 3. Change to pale face 4. Deep, weak pulse.
  26. Excess or Deficiency
    Presence and relative strength of pathogenic factor and antipathogenic qi.
  27. Heat syndromes manifestations
    1. Red tongue with yellow dry coating 2. Rapid pulse.
  28. Types of Exterior Patterns
    1. Pathogenic factors invade the superficial region of the body ruled by the LU 2. Channel Syndromes where pathogenic factors invade and obstruct the superficial channels and collaterals.
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