Patterns Syndromes 4

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  1. MAIN SX of Constrained Liver Qi / Liver Qi Stagnation
    -feelings of fullness or stuffiness in chest, sides, or infracostal regions; restricted breathing, frequent sighing or clearing of throat, or feeling that something is stuck in throat.
  2. AUX SX of Constrained Liver Qi / Liver Qi Stagnation
    • Indigestion w/ abdominal or epigastric discomfort
    • -Irregular bowel movements
    • -Irregular menses, premenstrual breast distention, cramping
    • -Tendancy toward headaches
    • -Dry, sensitive eyes
  3. MAIN SX Liver Blood Stasis
    • -Liver qi stagnation SX-delayed/irregular menses, dysmenorrhea, dark/purple blood w/ clots
    • -Abdominal masses
  4. AUX SX Liver Blood Stasis
    • -Hematemesis
    • -Epistaxis
  5. MAIN SX Liver Fire (upward/blazing/flaming)
    • -Liver qi stagnation SX
    • -intense headaches-insomnia-dizzines
    • -eyes red (bloodshot), dry & painful; photophobic
    • -usu. feel hot, thirsty (prefers ice cold); bitter taste (constant)
    • -constipation/dry stools, dark, concentrated urine
    • -chest or flank (burning) pain, tend. to baldness
  6. AUX SX Liver Fire (upward/blazing/flaming)
    -Side pain-epistaxis-coughing or spitting up blood
  7. MAIN SX Liver and GB Damp Heat
    -jaundice-nausea/vomitting-bitter taste
  8. AUX SX Liver and GB Damp Heat
    • -fever, scant/dark urine, fullness and pain in chest + hypochondrium
    • -genital itching, pain, redness, swelling, +/or discharge
    • -may be constipated or burning diarrhea
  9. MAIN SX Cold Stagnating in the Liver Channel/Vessel
    -aches-strange sensation in lower abdomen, genitals +/or inside of thigh
  10. AUX SX Cold Stagnating in the Liver Channel/Vessel
    -Shan qi = hernia/painful swellings, alleviated by warmth-long, clear urination
  11. MAIN SX Liver Blood Xu
    • -pallor, dizziness + blurry vision-fainting spells (hypovolemia)-insomnia (diff. falling asleep and waking early)
    • -elongated cycle w/ decreased menstrual flow, blood light colored, even watery; cramping occurs at end/after menses or amenorrhea-headaches (vertex)
  12. AUX SX Liver Blood Xu
    • -numbness + tingling of extremities, limbs easily fall asleep
    • -tendons + muscles stiff, tight + inflexible,
    • -muscles twitch, cramp, spasm
    • -dry skin, nails brittle + dull: deform, crack/split
  13. MAIN SX Liver Yang Rising (sub pattern = Liver Yin Xu)
    • -headaches (usu. unilateral), dizziness, tinnitus, irritability
    • -dry eyes
    • -heat sensations in upper body, bitter taste
  14. AUX SX Liver Yang Rising (sub pattern = Liver Yin Xu)
    • -dry mouth + throat-sudden deafness-insomnia (awakens early in morning, dreaming is vivid, hun is disturbed)
    • -weak or sore lower back-stumbles easily (uncoordinated feet)
  15. MAIN SX Liver Wind (Internally Stirring)
    -tics, tremors, involuntary shaking, seizures, stroke, paralysis
  16. AUX SX Liver Wind (Internally Stirring)
    • -headaches-dizzy/vertigo-numbness/tingling
    • -increased ocular +/or BP-stroke sequela: deviation of eye or mouth, aphasia, hemiplegia
  17. MAIN SX Heart Blood Xu
    • palpitations, insomnia, poor memory, dizziness
    • T: pale (curled/indented at tip)
    • P:thready + rough
  18. MAIN SX Heart Yin Xu
    • palpitations, mentally/physically restless
    • T: red, red prickles, thin and narrow, pointed, dry, not coat/peeled, cracked
    • P: thready + rapid
  19. MAIN SX Heart Qi Xu
    • palpitations (rate + rhythm prob's.)fatigue, shortness of breath
    • T: normal to somewhat pale
    • P: empty, weak
  20. MAIN SX Heart Yang Xu
    • Heart qi xu symptoms + cold signs/sx.
    • T: pale, wet, swollen
    • P: deep, weak or knotted
  21. Main SX Heart Blood Stasis
    • palpitations, chest pain
    • T: purple (dark and contorted sublingual veins)
    • P: choppy or knotted
  22. Main SX Phlegm Confuses the Heart Portals/Mind
    • muddled, unclear thinking; stupor, unconsciousness
    • T: flabby, with thick, sticky/slippery coat
    • P: slippery
  23. Main SX Phlegm & Fire Harass/Agitate the Heart
    • pronounced agitation, bizarre, unpredictable behavior
    • T:red w/ greasy yellow coat; hyper-mobile
    • P: full, rapid and slippery
  24. Main SX Exuberant Heart Fire
    • palpitations & tachycardia, insomnia (may sleep very little), tongue sores, thirst
    • T:long, dry, red, even redder tip, which is also enlarged, red prickles, yellow coat
    • P: rapid, overflowing, may be hasty (rapid and irreg.)
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