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  1. Alkylating agents?
    • Cyclophosphomide
    • Ifosfamide
    • Nitrosureas
  2. What chemotherapeutic drug acts as a purine analog and is resistant to adenosine deaminase?
  3. Purine analogs used as chemo?
    • Purine as in 6-Mercaptopurine
    • Fludarabine
    • Cladribine
  4. DOC for Hairy cell leukemia?
  5. Imperforate anus often accompanies what other developmental defects?
    Urinary tract defects
  6. All dehydrogenase require what vitamins?
    vitamins b1, b2, b3, b4, b5
  7. What histological change takes place after Acute Tubular necrosis?
    tubular reepitheliazation
  8. What disease produces type 1 RPGN?
    Type 2 RPGN?
    Type 3 RPGN?
    • Type 1 RPGN---Good Pasture--Antibody mediated
    • Type 2 RPGN--SLE, PSGN--immune complex
    • Type 3-- pauci-immune--Microscopic Polyangitis--p-anca or Wegeners
  9. Most common cause of saddle nose deformity?
    Wegener's granulomatosis
  10. Where is caseous, liquifactive, coagulation, fat necrosis taking place?
    • caseous--Tuberculosis
    • Liquifactive-brain
    • coagulation--everywhere else
    • fat--pancreas
  11. In polycythemia, what helps distinguish between relative and absolute erythrocytosis?
    RBC mass which is normal in relative polycythemia and increased in absolute
  12. What hypoxic level of oxygen drives absolute appropriate polycythemia?
    SO2 <92% or P02 <70 mm Hg
  13. Antidote for cisplatin toxicity?
  14. S/E of Niacin therapy?
    • flushing
    • Hyperglycemia
    • Decreased BP
  15. Side effect of Poiglitazones?
    weight gain and edema due to increased insulin activity because insulin stimulates anabolic reactions i.e Fat synthesis
  16. Gross hematuria, proteinuria, kidney tissue fragments in urine all suggest what kidney pathology?
    Renal Papillary necrosis
  17. 2 conditions giving cafe au-lait spots?
    • Neurofibromatosis
    • Mccune Albright syndrome--precocious puberty
  18. Intestinal atresia occur due to what?
    vascular occlusion/ischemia
  19. The hypercapneic drive is detected by which receptors? Central or peripheral?
    Hypoxic drive i.e low O2 is detected by what ?
    • central-medulla
    • carotid body
  20. Regurgitation murmurs have what type of sound?
  21. What is the first gene mutated in sporadic and in Familial Polyposis syndrome?
    APC-chromosome 5
  22. What antibiotic regimen is used to treat Tb?
    • mutliple
    • Rifampin
    • INH
    • Pyrazinamide
    • Ethambutol
  23. What kind of insulin is given to treat DKA?
    regular insulin
  24. Rapid-acting insulin?
  25. 2 Intermediate acting insulin?
    • NPH
    • Lente
  26. 2 Long acting insulin?
    • Ultralente
    • Aspart
    • Glargine
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