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  1. why did the puritans leave england
    they wanted to be more pure
  2. what is a charter
    it's a offical paper it which certain rights are givin to a government to a person or buisness.
  3. who bright the first group of puritans
    john endecott
  4. what did john winthrop accomplish
    he brought the puritans to massachusetts
  5. why was edication important to the puritans
    they wanted everyone to know how to read the bible
  6. ehst is a town meeting
    male landowner can take part for government
  7. what is a common in a puritan village
    it's a parklike area that the villagers share to graze their animals
  8. why did some colonists move from the massachusetts bay colony to other nearby colonies
    fertile farmland, religious reasons, and government
  9. who was roger willians and what did he do
    roger willians was a famous pope that thought that people with different beliefs should not be punished
  10. who was anne hutchinson an what did she do
    anne hutchinson is a women that questioned the puritan leaders about the teaching and the authority
  11. what is sedition
    speech or behavior that causes other people to go against government
  12. why did settelers move to connecticut
    rocky land
  13. who was tomas hooker and why did he leave massachusetts bay colony
    left and foundded connecticut/thought connecticut had too much inflence ovrer lives of the people
  14. who founded the first settlement in new hampshire
    david thomson founded the firt settlement
  15. how were the indians ant the colonist's about the land different
    the indians sold some of the land, but they thought that they shared the land
  16. what group fought against each other in king philip's war
    it was the english and the wampanoags
  17. what is frontier
    land that lies beyond settled areas
  18. new england's economy was based on trees and ocean
    wailling, fishing, trading, and shipbuilding industries,
  19. what is an industry
    includes all the buisness that make one kind of prduct or provide one kind of service
  20. what are imports an exports
    imports are good brought into the country exports are goods leaving the country
  21. what is a triangular trade route
    they conected englad, english colonies in north america, and the west cost of africa
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