Greetings 2 247 Revised

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  1. Rang4 yi2 xia4
    Excuse me (to let through) 让一下
  2. Jie4 guo4
    Excuse me (passing by) 借过
  3. Ma2 fan ni3 le
    Excuse me (interrupting or bothering you) 麻烦你了
  4. Mei2 you3
    No (not have) or It's nothing (to not have) 没有
  5. Mei2 shi4 (r)
    No problem (not important) 没事儿
  6. Mei2 wen4 ti2
    No problem 没问题
  7. Ni3 shou1 ba
    Go ahead and speak 你说吧
  8. Qing3 jin4
    Please come in 请进
  9. Neng2 bang1 wo3 ma
    Can you help me? 能帮我吗
  10. Hao3 de
    OK (good) 好的
  11. Hei4
    Hey! 嘿
  12. Qing3
    Please... 请
  13. Bu2 yong4 xie4
    You're welcome (no thanks needed, don't mention it) 不用谢
  14. Bang1 mang2
    Please.... (do me a favor) 帮忙
  15. Xie4 xie ni3
    Thank you. 谢谢你
  16. Tai4 gan3 xie4 le
    Thanks so much! 太感谢了
  17. Xie4 xie ni3 de bang1 zhu4
    Thanks for your help 谢谢你的帮助
  18. wo3 fei1 chang2 gan3 xie4
    Thanks so very much! 我非常感谢
  19. Bu2 yong4 ke4 qi
    You're welcome (impolite, please don't thank me) 不用客气
  20. Da3 rao3 ni3 le
    Excuse me. (Interrupting/disturbing) 打扰你了
  21. Bie2 ke4 qi
    You're welcome (don't be so polite) 别客气
  22. Mei2 shen2 me
    Its nothing. (nevermind) 没什么
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