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  1. ADIRU's provide navigation information:
    On an independent basis, without referencing ground stations or satellites.
  2. Ground dependent position determining systems such as VOR, DME, ILS:
    Cross check and refine the Flight management and Guidance System (FMGS) position computed by independent systems such as ADIRS.
  3. ADIRU 3 includes:
    ADR 3 and IR 3.
  4. Barometric settings to the ADIRU's are made:
    On the Baro setting jnobs on the FCU.
  5. In normal operation, the nav aids are tuned:
    Automatically through the Flight Management and Guidance System (FMGS)
  6. What are the different types of flight guidance?
    Managed and selected.
  7. One A/P can be engaged on the ground if the engines are not running.
    This A/P will disengage when one engine is started.
  8. When the thrust levers are moved to the takeoff position, the FMGS updates its position at takeoff using:
    The navigation database and the takeoff runway entered into the MCDU by the pilot.
  9. The takeoff bias is:
    Replaced when a bias is computed based on radio position.
  10. With the DATA selector set to HDG, the time remaining until the completed IRS alignment is displayed on the control display. How long does it take normally?
    Approximately 10 minutes
  11. How does the FMGS derive Vapp?
    Vapp=Vls+5+1/3 surface headwind component.
  12. When flying at cruise altitude, the aircraft navigates using radio navaids only.
  13. The IR alignment count down stops one minute prior to accomplishment and the ALIGN lights are flashing. Why does it happen?
    It is an indication that alignment has stopped as the present position data has not been entered from the FMGS.
  14. What is managed climb speed below 10,000 feet?
    250 knots.
  15. The selected database date has expired. When must the active data base be changed?
    Prior to entering the preflight data.
  16. Which of the following navaids can be autotuned?
    • ILS and ADF (for NDB data base approaches).
    • VOR and DME.
  17. Cost Index = 0 (zero) corresponds to:
    Minimum fuel consumption (max range)
  18. While taxiing on the ground, the FMGS displays the position of the aircraft using:
    IRS only.
  19. With the autopilot engaged, either sidestick can be moved freely.
    False, moving either sidestick will cause the autopilot(s) to disengag
  20. When the aircraft is in the Managed Guidance mode, it is:
    Following lateral, vertical and speed profiles as determined by the FMGS.
  21. What is managed climb speed above 10,000 feet?
    Econ climb speed.
  22. An amber box on the MCDU screen indicates:
    A mandatory data entry.
  23. When can managed vertical navigation be engaged?
    Only after managed speed has been engaged.
  24. Managed guidance is engaged by:
    Pushing on the desired FCU selector knob.
  25. What speed will the FMGS use in an Expedite climb?
    Green dot speed.
  26. The weather radar image can be displayed on which modes of the ND?
    All modes except Plan.
  27. How does the FMGC compute radio position?
  28. You have been cleared to intercept the localizer. You have pushed the LOC push button on the FCU. If all necessary data has been entered in the MCDU, can you now engage both autopilots?
    No, the APPR pushbutton must be pushed.
  29. What does pushing the APPR push button do?
    Arms managed vertical navigation.
  30. What does pushing the APPR push button do?
    Arms the Flight Guidance system to capture a localizer and glide slope if the information has been entered into the MCDU.
  31. During a turnaround, you notice that ther is a residual ground speed on both NDs. How do you correct this?
    It is possible to carry out a rapid alignment by turning off all 3 ADIRS momentarily.
  32. SRS will command:
  33. In flight, either the AP/FD pitch control, or autothrust may acquire and hold a target speed or Mach number, depending on the engaged modes. Speed control is 'Managed' when the target comes from the SPD/MACH FCU window.
    False. Speed control is:- Managed, when the target comes from the FMGS.- Selected, when the target comes from the SPD/MACH FCU window.
  34. The FMGS data base contains:
    • Performance information, such as engine fuel flow, engine thrust, green dot data (L/D data), etc.
    • Navigation information, such as navaids, waypoints, airways, airports, runways, etc.
  35. If one GPS receiver fails, the three ADIRUs automatically select the only operative GPS receiver.
  36. FMGC 1 is not working. To enter data into the FMGC, which MCDU would you use?
    Either MCDU 1 or MCDU 2.
  37. The pilot interfaces with the FMGS using the:
    • FCU.
    • Thrust Levers.
    • MCDU.
  38. When is the SRS active?
    • During a Go Around (after the thrust levers are placed in the TOGA position) up to the acceleration altitude.
    • At T/O, when TOGA or FLX power is set, SRS is displayed on the FMA and provides guidance up to the acceleration altitude.
  39. The energy circle is a green arc, centered on the aircraft's position and oriented towards the current track line. It is displayed on the NDs during descent, when HDG or TRK mode is selected.
  40. Can the crew depress the RMP ON NAV pushbutton and use the RMP for navigation simultaneously with FMGC autotuning?
    No, RMP backup tuning supersedes the autotuning function of both FMGC's.
  41. The Captain's FMA indicates -FD2 in column five, line two. What does this mean?
    FMGC #1 has 'timed out' and FMGC #2 is now providing flight guidance for both pilots.
  42. What do the white round lights on the FCU display mean?
    Managed guidance has been armed or engaged.
  43. During descent, if you push the Expedite (EXPED) push button, what speed will the aircraft try to maintain?
    340 knots
  44. OPEN CLIMB (OP CLB) is a Managed mode.
    False - It uses the AP/FD pitch mode to maintain a SPD/MACH, while the autothrust - if active - maintains maximum climb thrust.
  45. If you have depressed the EXPED push button and want to cancel this function, how could this be accomplished?
    Pull the altitude, vertical speed, or speed knob.
  46. The LOC mode disengages when:
    • Another lateral mode is engaged.
    • The pilot presses the LOC pushbutton again (engaging the HDG/TRK mode on the current HDG/TRK).
  47. Will the aircraft capture and navigate via the ILS signals if the ILS push button on the FCU is not pushed?
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