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  1. The aircraft\'s three hydraulic systems are normally pressurized by:
    Two engine driven pumps and one electric pump.
  2. In the event of low hydraulic pressure, the priority valve and pressure maintaining valves give priority to primary flight controls and brakes. The pilots:
    Can neither control nor monitor the priority valve (automatic operation)
  3. The corresponding hydraulic systems can be pressurized by:
    Two engine driven pumps, an electric pump and a RAT (Ram Air Turbine) for the green system.
  4. When will the yellow system electric pump operate? (AC power is available).
    When the yellow electric system ELEC PUMP push button is selected to ON or the ground crew activates a cargo door switch.
  5. What are the major equipment losses with loss of Green system?
    Nosewheel steering, Autobrakes.
  6. The Hydraulic System Monitoring Unit (HSMU) controls:
    Automatic activation of electric pumps and Ram Air Turbine (RAT) extension.
  7. In addition, fluid transfer between system is impossible.
  8. After extending the RAT, is it possible to check its position and status?
    Yes, select the ECAM HYD page.
  9. The RAT is capable of powering a pump which will pressurize:
    Only the blue system.
  10. When will normal operation of the BLUE system hydraulic pump begin?
    During the first engine start.
  11. An electric pump can also pressurize the yellow hydraulic system. This pump runs automatically when:
    • In flight or in the event of engine 2 failure.
    • If the FLAPS lever is not at zero.
    • On the ground during cargo door operation.
  12. What is the normal pressure in the hydraulic system?
    3,000 psi.
  13. For hydraulic system malfunctions, when will the RAT deploy?
    Only when the guarded RAT MAN ON push button is selected by the crew.
  14. What does the RAT MAN ON switch do?
    Extends RAT, pressurizes BLUE system, does not start Emergency Generator.
  15. During engine start up, when is the BLUE hydraulic system pressurized?
    Automatically after first engine start.
  16. If you lost the GREEN system, what equipment is lost?
    Reverser 1, gear retraction and nose wheel steering.
  17. Crew members can use a hand pump to pressurize the YELLOW system in order to operate the cargo doors when no electrical power is available.
  18. If you lost the YELLOW system, what equipment is lost?
    • Reverser 2
    • Parking brake accumulator recharging
    • Cargo door.
  19. On the hydraulic quantity indicator what does the amber level indicate?
    The warning level.
  20. If you lost the BLUE system, what equipment is lost?
    The Emergency generator.
  21. All hydraulic systems have a fire shutoff valve.
    False - Each of the GREEN and YELLOW systems has a fire shutoff valve in its upstream of its engine driven pump.
  22. What is the signification of an amber RAT indicator (ECAM HYD page)?
    Pressure for stowing the RAT has been applied, or the RAT pump is not available.
  23. In the event of low pressure, heavy load users are isolated to give priority to:
    Rudder, elevators, ailerons, spoilers and braking - Heavy users such as landing gear, nose wheel steering, Ram Air Turbine, slats and flaps, THS are isolated.
  24. Leak measurement valve push buttons on maintenance panel:
    Are for maintenance purposes and ground operation only.
  25. The Ram Air Turbine (RAT) deployment is automatically controlled by the HSMU when:
    Low level in green and blue hydraulic reservoirs is detected.
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