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  1. In case of one LGCIU failure, is the landing gear system affected?
  2. Which hydraulic system(s) supply pressure to the landing gear system?
  3. In case of green hydraulic system loss, what is the correct statement?
    Gear extension is done by gravity, nose wheel steering is lost but braking is unaffected.
  4. If the brake system automatically transitions to alternate brakes with the A/SKID & N/W STRG switch in the ON position, which of the following will be available?
  5. What is indicated by the autobrake DECEL lights?
    • Airplane deceleration is 25% of selected rate.
    • Airplane deceleration is 50% of selected rate.
    • Airplane deceleration is 100% of selected rate.
    • Airplane deceleration is 80% of selected rate.
  6. The landing gear consists of:
    • Two inboard retracting main gears.
    • A forward retracting nose gear.
  7. On the E/WD, you notice the NW STRG DISC memo. What does it mean?
    The nose wheel steering has been disconnected by ground personnel.
  8. During pushback, you start engine #2. You observe the NW STRG DISC memo has changed to amber. Why?
    The memo has become amber because one engine is running.
  9. If the landing gear was gravity extended using the hand crank on the center pedestal, landing gear position must be verified through:
    • The landing gear viewers.
    • The landing gear indications depicted on the ECAM and, if available, the center panel LDG GEAR indicator panel lights.
  10. Landing gear operation is inhibited at speeds:
    Above 260 +/- 5 knots.
  11. In the event of an aborted takeoff with autobrake armed, automatic braking is initiated:
    At ground spoiler extension provided that the speed is above approximately 70 kts.
  12. How can the brake accumulator be re-pressurized?
    • With the yellow electric hydraulic pump.
    • With the blue electric hydraulic pump.
  13. The red arrow on the landing gear indicator panel illuminates:
    If the landing gear is not downlocked in landing configuration.
  14. You are ready to taxi. You apply the toe brakes on the rudder pedals and release the PARK BRK. The BRAKES pressure falls to zero. What should you do?
    Nothing as this is normal. The BRAKES pressure indicator only indicates alternate (yellow) brake pressure.
  15. Which hydraulic system supplies pressure to the nose wheel steering?
  16. If the BSCU detects a brake system malfunction in flight with the A/SKID & N/W STRG switch in the ON position:
    The crew will be notified with an ECAM message.
  17. What is required to arm the auto brakes?
    Green hydraulic pressure available, anti-skid, no failures in the braking system.
  18. The purpose of the RESET position on the LDG GEAR GRVTY EXTN panel is to:
    Reset the system to the normal extension and retraction mode.
  19. What does each turn of the gravity gear extension handle do?
    Shutoff hydraulic pressure, open doors, unlock gear.
  20. How do you manually extend the landing gear?
    Lift the red handle and turn clockwise a 3 turns.
  21. If the Landing Gear was gravity extended using the hand crank on the center pedestal, what other systems will be inoperative?
    Nose wheel steering only.
  22. Auto brake may be armed with the parking brake on.
  23. Can normal landing gear operation be restored after a gravity extension if green hydraulic pressure is available?
    It may be possible if the gravity extension was not caused by a failure of the landing gear mechanism.
  24. To control the nose steering, the BSCU (brake and steering control unit) receives inputs from:
    • Steering handwheels.
    • Rudder pedals.
    • The autopilot.
  25. When the landing gear is gravity extended, will nose wheel steering be available?
  26. Auto brakes, if selected, will only be activated by:
    The ground spoiler extension command.
  27. A shortening mechanism attached to the _____ reduces main landing gear length by retracting the shock absorber into the main leg during retraction.
  28. When the LDG GEAR GRVTY EXTN selector switch is in the DOWN position, the two motorized actuators are electrically powered to close the hydraulic cut off valve and to disengage door and gear uplocks which permit the nose and main gear to deploy by gravity and automatically lock down.
  29. There are two triangles for each gear on the ECAM WHEEL page. What do they represent?
    Each triangle represents the position detected by one of the two computers systems.
  30. Nose wheel steering is available:
    Below 100 kts.
  31. When depressing the pedal disconnect pushbutton on a steering handwheel:
    Rudder pedal order to nose wheel steering are disconnected.
  32. Nose wheel steering is provided by two actuators powered by the green hydraulic system and electrically signaled by the brake and steering control unit (BSCU).
  33. What system pressure does the ACCU PRESS and BRAKES pressure indicator indicate?
    Yellow brake accumulator and yellow brake system pressure to the left and right brakes.
  34. The normal brake system uses _____ hydraulic pressure and the alternate brake system uses _____ hydraulic pressure backed up by the hydraulic brake accumulator.
    Green - Yellow.
  35. With the A/SKID and N/W STRG switch set to OFF:
    Both N/W STRG and A/SKID are de-energized.
  36. The BSCU (brake and steering control unit) has two independent channels. Both can be active at the same time.
  37. ECAM: if you see a green arc shown over a wheel indication
    It marks the hottest brake with a temperature of more than 100�C.
  38. Nose wheels and main wheels have fusible plugs that prevent the tires from bursting if they overheat.
    • False.
    • Only the main wheels!
  39. With the A/SKID & N/W STRG switch in the ON position, if the BSCU detects a brake system malfunction and/or normal braking is not available:
    Transition to the alternate brake system is automatic.
  40. You have just set the parking brake handle to ON. Is it still possible to check the main brake system using the toe brakes?
    No. When the PARK BRK is set, the other braking modes are deactivated.
  41. The L/G CTL indication, on the ECAM wheel page, appears _____ with a 30 second delay when position of any landing gear disagrees with lever position.
  42. If the accumulator on the alternate brake system is your only source pressure, which of the following will be available?
    Seven applications of the brake pedals.
  43. The gear doors remain open after a manual extension.
    • True
    • You have to expect decreased performance in the event of a go-around.
  44. The landing gear doors are pneumatically controlled and electrically operated.
  45. Nose wheel steering control by the handwheel provides up to � ___degrees nose wheel steering angle.
  46. The green DECEL light on the autobrake pushbutton illumintaes when the actual airplane decceleration corresponds to what percentage of the selected rate?
  47. Each main wheel has an antiskid brake.
  48. The Crusing altitude is 20, 000 ft. If the crew selects landing gear down at 300 kts IAS, what will happen?
    Being protected by a safety valve down to 280 kt, the landing gear will not extend.
  49. Nose wheel steering is self centering below 100 kt.
  50. Rudder pedals provide nose wheel steering control below _____ kt.
    100 kt.
  51. The parking brake accumulator is designed to maintain the parking pressure for at least ______ hours.
    12 hours.
  52. The autobrake will arm if at least one ADIRS is functioning.
    • True
    • The system needs also:
    • Green pressure available
    • Electric power on antiskid
    • No failure in the braking system.
  53. What happens to the other brake modes when parking brakes are applied?
    All other braking modes and antiskid are deactivated.
  54. Auto brake system (MAX) is disarmed by:
    Depressing both pedals.
  55. While taxing, if the Captain's handwheel is deflected full Left and the First Officer's handwheel is deflected full right:
    The aircraft should continue straight ahead as the handwheel orders are algebraically added.
  56. How is the tire pressure measured?
    • By a sensor.
    • The pressure of each tire is measured by a sensor which sends a electrical pressure signal to a transmission unit.
  57. On the overhead panel, the NWS TOWING pushbutton switch FAULT light illuminates red, on ground, when the nose wheel steering has exceeded:
    93 degrees.
  58. The landing gear gravity extension system is an electromechanical system controlled through two selectors located on the center instrument panel.
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