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  1. On which ECAM page could the flight crew check the exact pressure of the oxygen cylinder?
    The DOORS page.
  2. When a cockpit oxygen pressure is displayed in a half amber box:
    Minimum value must be checked.
  3. The REGUL LO PR indication on the ECAM DOOR/OXY page appears amber if oxygen pressure on the low-pressure circuit is low.
  4. What is indicated by a missing green thermal plug during an exterior preflight?
    An oxygen system overpressure or thermal discharge.
  5. Approximately how long are the passenger oxygen generators able to produce oxygen?
    15 minutes.
  6. The yellow blinker flowmeter, on the cockpit oxygen mask stowage box, flashes when there is an oxygen system failure.
  7. What is the main difference between the crew and the passenger oxygen system?
    Crew is supplied from an oxygen cylinder; passengers are supplied by chemical oxygen generators .
  8. What is the purpose of the CREW SUPPLY push button?
    When selected to ON, it allows the flow of low pressure oxygen to the crew's masks.
  9. What happens when the mask is used with the selection at 100% position?
    Mask is supplied with undiluted oxygen on demand.
  10. At approximately what cabin altitude should the passenger oxygen masks drop?
    14,000 feet (+0, -500 ft)
  11. Overpressure supply for the crew oxygen mask is started automatically when cabin altitude exceeds 25, 000 feet.
    • False.
    • 30,000 feet.
  12. Use of the EMERGENCY pressure selector on the crew oxygen mask creates an overpressure which eliminates condensation and prevents smoke from entering the mask.
  13. What does an amber OXY on the ECAM Doors mean?
    The crew supply switch is turned off and/or oxygen pressure is less than 400 psi.
  14. Illumination of the SYS ON light is an indication that:
    Electrical power has been sent to deploy the masks, either manually or automatically.
  15. There are oxygen generators in each aircraft's galley.
  16. The OXY high pressure indication, on the ECAM DOOR/OXY page, appears _____ when pressure is less than 400 psi.
  17. What will depressing the guarded MASK MAN ON pushbutton accomplish?
    It manually sends a signal to open the oxygen mask doors.
  18. When does passenger oxygen flow start?
    When the mask is pulled toward the seat.
  19. The CKPT OXY indication, on the ECAM DOOR/OXY page, is normally white, but becomes amber when:
    • Oxygen pressure goes below 400 psi.
    • Low oxygen pressure is detected.
    • The OXYGEN CREW SUPPLY pushbutton switch on the overhead panel is OFF.
  20. The OXY ON flag, on the oxygen mask stowage box, appears when:
    The oxygen supply valve is opened and the left flap door is open.
  21. During the outside preflight check, the pilot:
    Has to check the oxygen safety port to be sure there is no over pressure in cockpit crew system.
  22. When the oxygen full face mask is applied, if smoke or mist is appearing in the mask:
    The EMERGENCY Pressure selector on the mask must be pushed.
  23. On DOOR/OXY SD page, if OXY (CKPT OXY) is displayed:
    The CREW SUPPLY p/b must be checked.
  24. On DOOR/OXY SD page, if REGUL LO PR (PAX OXY) is displayed:
    On ground, you call the maintenance.
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