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  1. The cabin pressure controllers receive signals from _____.
    • FMGC
    • Pack flow control valves
    • ADIRS
  2. Two pressure outflow valves are located below the flotation line.
  3. What are the different sources of air for air conditioning and pressurization?
    Engine bleed air and recirculated air, or if selected, APU bleed air and recirculated air.
  4. The air conditioning pack flow control valve closes automatically in case of:
    • Insufficient upstream pressure
    • Pack overheating
    • Engine starting
  5. During the exterior preflight on a warm day, in what position would you expect to find the avionics ventilation system INLET and EXTRACT valves to be in?
  6. What happens to the pack flow control valves during engine start?
    They automatically close.
  7. The temperature of each aircraft zone is optimized by means of:
    A TRIM AIR valve.
  8. When does normal pressurization occur?
    Pressurization occurs during the takeoff roll.
  9. When does normal depressurization occur?
    It is complete three minutes after touchdown.
  10. Under what conditions should the pack flow controller be set to LO?
    With a low passenger load to reduce bleed air demand and improve fuel efficiency.
  11. Which statement is correct regarding illumination of the amber AFT ISOL VALVE fault light?
    Means that either the inlet or outlet isolation valve(s) disagrees with the switch position.
  12. Pressurization controllers receive inputs from:
  13. There are ____ high pressure air conditioning and engine starting service panels located on the top center fuselage.
  14. What computers control the cabin and cockpit conditioned air?
    One zone controller that passes information and instructions to two pack controllers for three zones.
  15. What happens when a temperature selector rotary knob is adjusted?
    A signal is sent to the zone controller requesting a different temperature.
  16. With APU BLEED ON and engine BLEED switches ON with engines running, what is the position of the engine bleed valves?
  17. Pressurization is normally automatic. Can you interfere with it?
    Yes, CABIN PRESS MODE SEL to OVERRIDE and MAN V/S CTL toggle switch.
  18. What is the function of the ram air valve?
    Emergency smoke removal and ventilation in the event of dual pack failure.
  19. Placing the EXTRACT push button to override:
    Insures the extract fan will continue to be energized.
  20. _______ and _________ temperature can be selected from the AIR panel in the cockpit.
    Cabin and Flight deck
  21. With the pressurization system in the automatic mode, which valves are closed when the ditching push button is selected on?
    All valves below the water line.
  22. The HOT AIR valve push button controls:
    The hot air manifold.
  23. Both pressurization auto controllers are set by the active flight plan loaded in the MCDU. The QNH entry on the MCDU Approach Performance page refines the depressurization schedule for the landing.
  24. Aft cargo indications may be found on which ECAM page(s)?
    The ECAM cruise page and the COND page.
  25. Avionics ventilation system indications may be found on which ECAM page(s)?
    Only the CAB PRESS page.
  26. When APU is supplying the packs, the pack controller sends a demand signal to increase airflow when a zone temperature cannot be satisfied.This signal is sent to the:
    APU ECB.
  27. The PACK FLOW controller si set to NORM and yet the ECAM display shows PACK FLOW to be high. How is this possible?
    HI flow is automatically selected regarless of PACK FLOW selector position because air is only being supplied by the APU.
  28. Air is supplied by the pneumatic system via two packs, four pack flow control valves and a mixing unit.
  29. To decrease compartment temperature, the inlet ventilation air is mixed with cold air from ______.
    Pack 2
  30. The avionics ground cool valves open when:
    • The engines are stopped.
    • The aircraft is on the ground.
    • The ground cool pushbutton is in the Auto position.
  31. The ram air inlet and outlet flaps close during takeoff and landing to avoid ingestion of foreign objects.
  32. Which of the following statements is correct concerning conditioned air?
    Recirculating fans draw cabin air to a mixing unit where conditioned air is added.
  33. Warm, pre-conditioned bleed air enters the cooling path via the _____ and is ducted to the primary heat exchanger.
    Pack flow control valve
  34. During normal flight, the avionics ventilation system controls the temperature of the cooling air by:
    Passing air through a skin heat exchanger.
  35. Placing the avionics ventilation system in the smoke configuration:
    De-energizes the blower fan, extract fan runs, opens the air conditioning extract valves.
  36. How can you change pressurization controllers during flight?
    Cycle the CABIN PRESS MODE SEL pushbutton to the MAN position then back to AUTO.
  37. Low pressure air is supplied to the air conditioner mixing unit by _____
    A ground connection
  38. Hot air 'FAULT' ligh illuminates on the air conditioning panel.
    The hot air press reg. valve closes and the trim air valves close.
  39. How many trim air valves are there?
    Three: one each for the cockpit zone, the forward cabin zone, and the aft cabin zone.
  40. What position do the pack valves go to in the event of a loss of the bleed system pressure?
  41. The RAM AIR switch should be used:
    Only when differential pressure is less than 1 psi.
  42. What is the function of the Pack Flow selector?
    • Allows the pilot to increase pack flow but will not allow a manual decrease in flow if needed by the aircraft demands.
    • Always allows high flow regardless of switch position when the APU is used for air conditioning.
  43. The pack compressor outlet temperature indication, on the ECAM bleed page, is normally green but becomes amber above ______ degrees C.
  44. Which configuration is the avionics ventilation system in while airborne with no abnormals present?
  45. In case of air cycle machine failure, a bypass valve allows the bleed air to be cooled by the _____ only.
    Associated heat exchanger
  46. Trim air valves are modulated by:
    The zone controller.
  47. Which statement is TRUE concerning the cargo compartment ventilation?
    Only the aft cargo compartment is heated and ventilated. Cabin ambient air is mixed with hot trim air and drawn through isolation valves by extraction fans.
  48. The APU BLEED FAULT indicates that the main APU controller is in fault.
    • False.
    • An APU leak is detected.
  49. Air from the cabin goes via the inlet valve to the ______, driven by the extraction fan.
    Bulk cargo compartment
  50. Channel 1 or channel 2 failure of the air conditioning pack controllers has no effect on pack regulation.
  51. Aft cargo ventilation is controlled by:
    The cargo ventilation controller.
  52. The vent fan runs any time there is a normal ships power and the isolation valves are open.
  53. The cabin zone temperature sensors are ventilated by the air extracted by the lavatory and gelley fans.
  54. Pressurization indications are found on which ECAM page(s)?
    The in-flight ECAM cruise page and the CAB PRESS page.
  55. How many outflow valves are there?
    One valve with two doors.
  56. The two air conditioning packs can only operate together.
  57. Each air conditioning pack controller regulates the temperature of its associated pack by modulating the following _________ .
    • Bypass valve
    • Ram air outlet flaps
    • Ram Air Inlet Flaps.
  58. At what cabin altitude do you get an ECAM warning?
    9,550 feet
  59. When the pack flow control knob is positioned to HI, air flow is:
    120% of normal rate.
  60. If you select a position other than the AUTO detent on the LDG ELEV AUTO selector, how can you see the actual landing elevation value?
    On the ECAM CRUISE or the PRESS page.
  61. What will cause the ENG BLEED fault light to come on?
    • Overpressure (downstream of bleed valve)
    • Bleed overheat
    • Wing or engine leak on associated side.
    • ?
  62. What does the CARGO HEAT HOT AIR FAULT light indicate?
    • A duct overheat is detected.
    • The Aft Cargo Pressure Regulating valve closes.
    • The system will reset if the ISOL VALVE switch is ON.
  63. During Ground function operation, the outflow valve is:
    Fully open.
  64. The outflow valve is powered by:
    One of three electric motors.
  65. The purpose of the safety valve is to avoid:
    • Excessive positive pressure differential.
    • Excessive negative differential.
  66. The safety valves are operated:
  67. When landing elevation is set to AUTO, the landing elevation is sent to the controller from:
  68. What happens when both hot air valves fail closed?
    • Trim air valves are driven to full closed position.
    • Optimized regulation is lost.
    • Only the packs regulate temperature.
  69. Hot air indication, on ECAM cond. page, is normally green but becomes _____ if the flow control valve is fully closed.
  70. When the cooling demand cannot be satisfied, the ______ signals the BMC to decrease the bleed temperature from normal to reduced setting.
    Zone controller
  71. What does the air conditioner mixing unit do?
    Mixes air coming from the cabin and packs.
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