chapter 5 part 2

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  1. Name the four Accessory Structures
    • Hair
    • Sebaceous Gland
    • Sweat Gland
    • Nails
  2. What are the characteristics of the Subcutaneous Layer?
    • located beneath the dermis
    • supports skin relative to deep tissue
    • consists of connective tissue and adipocytes
    • no bounderies between the dermis
  3. True/False
    The Subcutaneous Layer is a part of the integumentary system
  4. List three characteristics of the dermis
    • no obvious layers dividing the two layers
    • vascular
    • contain accessory structures, lymph vessels and nerve fibers
  5. What are the functions of the reticular layer?
    • provides flexibility
    • prevents damage to surrounding tissue
  6. What are the functions of the papillary layer?
    • supports and nourishes the epidermis
    • contain cappillaries and nerves that supply the skins surface
    • forms projections(dermal papillae) into the epidermis
  7. What type of tissue form dermis?
    connective tissue
  8. Where is the papillary located?
    directly beneath the basement membrane
  9. List characteristics of Stratum Germinitivum
    • basle layer
    • attached to the basement membrane
    • avascular
    • contain germinitive cells which are stem cells = dividing or increasing in #
    • contain melanocytes which color epidermis
    • new cells slowly migrate to the top
  10. Describe Startum Spinosum
    • spiny layer
    • cells from germinitivum continue to divide
    • contributes to epithelial thickness
  11. Give four characteristics for Stratum Granulosum?
    • grainy layer
    • contain displaced cells from the spinosum layer
    • cells no longer divide
    • produce a protien called kearatin(durable waterproof)
  12. list three places you can find kearitin
    • hair
    • nail
    • callus
  13. what are the characteristics of Staum Lucidum
    • clear layer
    • found only in thick skin
    • made from flattened densly packed with kearitin filled cells
  14. Describe The Stratum Corneum
    • superficial layer of the epidermis
    • contain 15 to 30 layers of flattened dead epithelial cells
    • kearitinized
  15. hair consist of _______ filled with _____
    that were produced by organs called follices.
    • dead cells
    • kearitin
  16. what is the structure of hair?
    • hair follicles are walls made-up of epidermis that extends into the dermis
    • hair grows from the base of the h.follicle(which lies on the top of the papilla)
    • hair papilla is an extension of connective tissue w/ cappilaries and nerves
    • the hair attached to skin is called root
    • surfacace level is part of the hair shaft
  17. true/false
    the entire hair shaft is exposed
  18. list hair functions:
    • protects underlying skin
    • filters foreign substances in nose,ears,eyes
    • senses physical contact with skin surface
  19. describe arrector pilli(muscle tissue)
    • a bundle of smooth muscle
    • when stimulated, it pulls on the hair follice causing the hair to stand up
    • stimulus can be fear, or cold temperature
  20. What are the characteristics of the sabaceous glands?(epithelial tissue)
    • exocrine gland
    • secretes sebum
  21. what is sebum?
    an oily lipid that lubricates and protect hair and skin
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