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  1. The audio management system includes how many audio control panels?
  2. One RMP (radio management panel) gives the flight crew control of all radio communication systems and the other RMP provides back up to FMGCs for controlling radio navigation systems.
  3. The service interphone system provides communication between:
    • The flight crew and the service interphone jacks.
    • The flight attendant stations and the service interphone jacks.
    • The different service interphone jacks.
  4. How can you get the mechanics attention when he is outside the aircraft?
    Use the MECH pushbutton on the CALLS panel which sounds an external horn.
  5. If the VHF 3 transmission key illuminated amber showing the word \'CALL\'
    Indicates a SELCAL
  6. RMP #1 is dedicated to which VHF radios?
    VHF 1 and 3.
  7. Only _____ is functional in the emergency electrical configuration.
    RMP 1
  8. Can You can tune the ILS receivers to different channels.
    • No.
    • This protects the autoland mode if the #1 autopilot fails and the #2 system assumes control.
  9. If you depress the guarded NAV button, the MCDU RAD NAV pages are inhibited and the RMP controls navaid tuning.
  10. Which ACP switch configuration is correct for communication with other cockpit crew members while wearing your Oxygen Mask?
    • ACP INT/RAD switch selected to INT, INT reception knob on, loud speaker volume up.
    • INT transmission key to on, INT reception knob on, use the sidestick push-to-talk when speaking, loud speaker volume up.
  11. The AUDIO SWITCHING rotary selector allows replacement of a failed #1 or #2 ACP with ACP #3.
  12. Which statement is correct regarding the cockpit voice recorder?
    • Is automatically energized after the first engine start or five minutes after AC electrical power is applied to the aircraft.
    • It is energized automatically:- on the ground during the first 5 minutes after the AC electrical network is energized- on the ground with one engine running- in flight
  13. The override switch for the service interphone system is located on the ______ and is used for maintenance purposes only.
    Overhead Panel
  14. How do you erase the CVR?
    Press the CVR ERASE pushbutton when the aircraft is on the ground with the parking brake set.
  15. On the ground, CVR is stopped automatically ______ after the last engine shutdown.
    5 minutes.
  16. On the ground, the crew can energize the CVR manually by pressing the GND CTL pushbutton.
  17. Only the last 60 minutes of recording are retained by the CVR.
    • False.
    • 2 hours.
  18. There are two service interphone jacks in the hydraulic compartment.
    • True.
    • False.
  19. When RMP1 (Radio Management Panel) or RMP2 is OFF, RMP3 is still able to control VHF/HF transceivers through them.
  20. The flight deck handset on the center pedestal is used for:
    PA announcements only.
  21. The service interphone has ______ interphone jacks and an OVRD switch located on the overhead panel.
    • Seven
    • The audio lines from the interphone jacks are connected to both CDS directors.
  22. When selecting the guarded RMP NAV key:
    FMGC auto tuning is inhibited.
  23. In case of RMP 2 failure, VHF 2 is lost.
    • False.
    • VHF 2 can still be selected on RMP 1 or RMP 3.
  24. The AM pushbutton switch, on the radio management panel, is only operative when:
    An HF transceiver has been selected.
  25. Where are the HF antennas located?
    Leading edge of the rudder.
  26. When looking at either RMP, how is it possible to determine if an RMP is selected to a VHF system it is not dedicated to?
    The white SEL light will be illuminated on both ARMP\'s. This is a normal occurrence in-flight.
  27. If RMP navigation tuning is currently in use for VOR tuning and ATC assigns a new communication frequency, what must be done?
    Select the appropriate VHF communication radio transmission key, tune using the rotary selector, press the transfer key.
  28. When the aircraft is in the Emergency Electrical Configuration:
    RMP 1 and ACP\'s 1 and 2 are operative.
  29. With the AUDIO SWITCHING knob in the CAPT3 position, the Captain uses his acoustic equipment on ACP3.
    • True.
    • The Captain has to make all the selections on ACP3
  30. The flashing amber MECH light indicates that the interphone system is faulty.
  31. What is the function of the Guarded EMER push button on the overhead panel?
    To alert all flight attendants of a pending urgent need to speak to them.
  32. If RADIO is selected on the side stick when the INT/RAD switch is on INT, the radio function has priority over the interphone function.
  33. Which ACP transmission key will illuminate if the flight attendants are calling the cockpit?
  34. Normally how should you call a Flight Attendant?
    Using an overhead FWD or AFT call pushbutton.
  35. The BFO key enables the beat frequency oscillator for listening to the ID signal.
  36. All communication radio frequency tuning can be accomplished:
    From anyone of the three radio management panels (RMP\'s).
  37. Illumination of the SEL indicator on a Radio Management Panel indicates:
    A transceiver normally associated with one RMP is tuned by another.
  38. The loudspeaker volume knob on the glareshield will control the loudness of the aural alert and voice messages.
  39. Cab interphone system permits you to speak to:
    The cabin attendants.
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