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  1. You enter a dark cockpit, what action is necessary before checking the battery voltages?
    You have to verify that both batteries are off.
  2. The green hydraulic circuit drives an emergency generator that automatically supplies emergency AC power to the aircraft electrical system if all three main generators fail.
  3. Having starting the APU, how can you get the APU generator to power the electrical system?
    By pushing the EXT PWR pushbutton thus disconnecting the external power.
  4. Are there any limitations associated with disconnecting an IDG?
    Never disconnect an IDG unless the engine is running, nor push the IDG disconnect push button for more then 3 seconds.
  5. Which voltage requires recharging or replacing the batteries?
    25 volts or less.
  6. The APU is supplying the electrical system. What is the order of priority for the different generators?
    Engines, external power, APU.
  7. The APU generator has priority over _____ for AC BUS 2.
    External power B
  8. What is the significance of the green collared circuit breakers?
    Green collared circuit breakers are monitored by the ECAM.
  9. With the EMER EXIT LT selector in the ARM position, which situation will activate the emergency lights and exit signs?
    AC bus #1 unpowered
  10. If batteries are the only source of power in flight, how long will battery power be available?
    • Between 22 and 30 minutes depending on equipment in use.
    • Until the APU is started.
    • Two hours and 30 minutes dependent on equipment in use.
    • 45 minutes dependent on equipment in use.
  11. What is the minimum voltage when conducting a BATTERY CHECK?
    Greater than 25 volts.
  12. A battery fault light will illuminate when:
    Battery charging current increases at an abnormal rate.
  13. The contactor of each transformer rectifier (TR) opens automatically in case of:
    • Overcurrent or open or short circuit
    • Overheat or minimum current
  14. In case of total loss of main generators, the AC ESS BUS is automatically supplied by the emergency generator or by the static inverter if the emergency generator is not available.
  15. Which flight control computer will be inoperative with gear extension while in the Emergency Electrical Configuration?
    FAC 1
  16. If the battery voltages are below the minimum, how do you charge them?
    I have to check that the BAT pushbuttons are on and switch the external power on.
  17. What is the function of APU GEN push button located on the overhead electrical panel?
    When selected to OFF the APU generator field is de-energized.
  18. Is it possible to parallel generators?
    The electrical system will not allow \'paralleling\' of generators.
  19. The No Break Power Transfer function can be used in flight.
  20. Where are the ground power receptacles located?
    Near the nose wheel bay.
  21. While operating on Emergency Electrical Power with the landing gear lowered which of the following control laws is in effect?
  22. What cockpit lighting is available during an emergency electrical situation?
    Right side Dome light, main panel flood lights (left two columns only), and the standby compass light.
  23. What is the function of the GEN 1 LINE push button?
    When selected OFF generator # 1 is removed from all busses but continues to power one fuel pump in each wing.
  24. During a routine flight, which of the following would result after the loss of Gen #2 and the subsequent start of the APU?
    Eng gen #1 continues to power AC bus #1 and downstream systems. The APU powers AC bus #2 and downstream systems.
  25. When does the RAT automatically deploy?
    Electrical power to both AC BUS #1 & #2 is lost and the aircraft speed is above 100 knots.
  26. What happens during the five seconds it takes for the RAT to extend:
    The BATTERIES power both BATT HOT busses, ESS DC, and ESS AC through the STATIC INVERTER.
  27. The purpose of the AUTO BUS TIE is to allow either engine-driven IDG to automatically power both main AC buses in the event of a generator loss until either ground pouwer or the APU generator is activated.
  28. When will the RAT & EMER GEN red FAULT light illuminate?
    When the EMER GEN is not supplying electrical power, AC busses #1 & #2 are unpowered and the nose gear is up.
  29. _____ ground power connectors near the nose wheel allow ground power to be supplied to all bus bars.
  30. If a transformer rectifier (TR) is lost due to overcurrent detection, reconfiguration does not occur and the related DC BUS is lost.
  31. What is the significance of the circuit breakers on the overhead panel?
    They may be operational in the Emergency Electrical Configuration.
  32. If powered by the Ram Air Turbine (RAT) only, the EMER GEN is inhibited when slats are retracted.
  33. Only one generator is operating in flight:
    Main galley is automatically shed.
  34. How many times can you reset a circuit breaker?
    Once, if authorized by the procedures.
  35. In flight, a static inverter is automatically activated if nothing but the batteries is supplying electrical power to the aircraft, regardless of the positions of the BAT1 and BAT2 pushbutton switches.
  36. On the cockpit overhead panel, there is a three position EMERGENCY EXIT Light switch. What lights are associated with this switch?
    Exit signs, emergency lights, and escape path lighting.
  37. Which flight control computers are operational in the Emergency Electrical Power configuration (gear down and batteries powering the system)?
    ELAC 1, and SEC 1.
  38. Which radios are inoperative with gear extension while in the emergency electrical configuration?
    DME 1 and transponder 1.
  39. While operating on Emergency Electrical Power with the landing gear lowered which of the following statements is correct?
    On the ground at 100 knots, the DC BATTERY BUS automatically reconnects to the batteries allowing APU start.
  40. If during a normal flight the BUS TIE push button is depressed to "OFF", what effect would this have on power to the busses?
  41. While operating on Emergency Electrical Power (EMER GEN powering the system, FAC #1 reset) which of the following control laws are in effect?
  42. Can you reconnect an IDG in flight?
    No, it is not possible.
  43. Which communication and navigation radios are operational in the Emergency Electrical Configuration with the EMER GEN powering the system?
    ACP 1 and 2, VHF 1, HF, RMP 1, VOR 1, and ILS 1.
  44. Which condition will automatically illuminate the escape lights?
    DC ESS BUS not powered.
  45. What is the meaning of the green AVAIL light?
    External power is plugged in and parameters are normal. You must push the external power to connect it
  46. What does the blue EXT PWR ON light mean?
    External power is supplying the aircraft\'s electrical system.
  47. If EXTERNAL power is available and within limits:
    The green AVAIL light will illuminate on the EXT PWR push button.
  48. Is it possible to determine the source of power for aircraft busses
    Yes, press the ECAM ELEC push button and view the electrical schematic on the ECAM
  49. Both batteries are charged by the external power unit. Approximately how long does the charging process take?
    20 minutes.
  50. While operating on Emergency Electrical Power (EMER GEN powering the system) what should the crew accomplish prior to lowering the landing gear?
    Depress the guarded RMP NAV push button and tune the appropriate NAV facility and course for the approach to be accomplished.
  51. The GALLEY FAULT light illuminates when any generator is exceeding 80% of its rated output.
    • False.
    • The GALLEY FAULT light illuminates when any generator is exceeding 100% of its rated output.
  52. If the source of power for the ESS AC bus is lost, does another source of power automatically power the bus?
    No, this must be done by the crew.
  53. What would cause the GALLEY fault light to illuminate?
    The load on any generator is above 100% of it\'s rated output.
  54. While operating on Emergency Electrical Power (EMER GEN powering the system) how is it possible to properly complete the ECAM checklist with only an upper display?
    Depress and hold the specific ECAM page push button on the ECAM control panel.
  55. After IDG disconnection why do you get a GALLEY SHED indication on the SD?
    It is a reminder that the main galley has been shed automatically following the loss of one generator.
  56. Which busses will be powered after the RAT is extended and the EMER GEN begins producing power?
  57. Engine #1 has just been started and the APU is inoperative. The EXT PWR push button blue ON light is illuminated. Which of the statements below is correct?
    Gen #1 supplies AC bus #1 and (generally) the downstream systems; Ext power supplies AC bus #2 .
  58. In cruise, you have suddelenly a Master Warning and caution come on with ELEC EMER CONFIG and APP OFF. You notice a red FAULT light on the RAT & EMER GEN pushbutton. What do you think of this indication?
    The EMER GEN is not yet supplying the system.
  59. When are the Essential Shed buses powered by the battery?
    Never. The purpose of the shed buses is to reduce the load on the batteries.
  60. The AC Essential bus is powered by the battery at speed above 50 kt.
    • True.
    • Below 50 kts the Essential bus is automatically shed and the CRT\'s are lost.
  61. In flight, in case of loss of all main generators, emergency generator not running, the DC ESS BUS is supplied by:
    AC ess bus or Ess TR.
  62. What happens when the GEN 1 line P/B set to off?
    AC BUS 1 is powered by the GEN 2 because the GEN 1 line contactor is opened.
  63. One of ECMU function is:
    Control of AC and DC bus ties, except TR contactor.
  64. The Emergency generator is powered by:
    A Ram Air Turbine.
  65. Engine GEN 1 supplies power to:
    Its assigned AC BUS 1 in normal operation.
  66. In flight, APU not running, an engine generator has failed. What is supplying the corresponding AC BUS?
    The other engine generator.
  67. Two Electrical Contactor Management Units (ECMU) provide:
    Control and monitoring AC and DC contactors (except TR which have their own control), galley shedding and no break power transfer.
  68. With APU GEN and External Power supplying the network :
    APU is supplying left side, external power is supplying the right side.
  69. The EMER GEN is being powered by a hydraulic system pressurized by an engine driven hydraulic pump. Pressing the LAND RECOVERY p/b switch will:
    Normally recover the AC and DC LAND RECOVERY BUSES and the components for approach and landing.
  70. The main function of the MAINT BUS switch is:
    To allow selected ground equipment to be powered without powering the entire electric system.
  71. When the MAINT BUS switch is on:
    The electric network supply is limited to ground service items.
  72. The MAINT BUS switch is located:
    On the FWD Circuit Breaker Panel behind the cockpit.
  73. When ECAM shows "ELEC ECMU 1 FAULT":
    ECMU 1 controls GLC 1 and you should not reset corresponding generator.
  74. Loss of one generator or TR provide (except if lost is due to overcurrent detection):
    No effects on flight management.
  75. On C/B ECAM page, pilot reads "NORMAL":
    There are no C/B tripped or pulled.
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