A330 Emergency Equipment

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  1. You want to open the cabin door, whilst lifting the control handle the white light illuminates. What does it mean?
    The slide is still armed.
  2. Which situation will automatically illuminate the escape path lighting?
    The loss of power to the DC ESS SHED bus and The loss of power to the AC bus #1
  3. When the door arming lever is in the ARMED position, opening the door from the outside will:
    Disarm the door.
  4. With the EMER EXIT LT selector in the ARM position, if AC bus #1 is unpowered:
    The emergency lights and exit signs will illuminate automatically.
  5. Opening an emergency overwing exit will:
    Automatically inflate the double lane slide off the trailing edge of the wing.
  6. Although no busses are unpowered, illumination of emergency exit lights in the cabin is desired. Which of the following answers are correct?
    • The emergency lights, exit signs and the floor paths markings will illuminate if the guarded EMER EXIT LT pb on the flight attendant CIDS panel is selected ON.
    • The emergency lights, exit signs and the escape path markings will illuminate if the cockpit EMER EXIT LT switch is ON.
  7. The PBE provides a breathable atmosphere for approximately ______ minutes.
  8. What are the indications that the PBE oxygen supply has depleted?
    The hood collapses to the point that it touches your face or by a flashing red light in addition to the flashing green light.
  9. How is crew oxygen provided?
    From a single bottle.
  10. What cockpit lighting is available during an Emergency Electrical Configuration (EEC)?
    Dome light(right side only), main panel flood lights (left two columns only), and the standby compass light.
  11. On the cockpit overhead panel there is a three position EMERGENCY EXIT LT switch. What lights are associated with this switch?
    Exit signs, emergency lights, and floor path lights.
  12. What is Crew Oxygen minimum pressure, where can it be read?
    1300 PSI, ECAM DOOR/OXY page.
  13. There is no other way of deploying the overwing escape slide if it fails to deploy automatically on opening the emergency exit.
    • False
    • If it fails to deploy automatically the overwing escape slide can be deployed using the red manual inflation handle in the overwing exit.
  14. What does HORN SHUTOFF on the EVAC panel do?
    • ?
    • None of the above.
  15. The HALON fire extinguisher should be used on what type fires?
    Electrical and flammable liquid fires.
  16. With the EMER EXIT LT selector in the ARM position, if DC shed bus #1 is unpowered:
    The escape path markings will automatically illuminate.
  17. Once activated, how can you cancel the EVAC alert from the cockpit?
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