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KR midterm 2
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KR L6-8
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  1. 가사
    • household affairs, chores, housework, domestic duties
    • apparent death, suspended animation
    • a (Buddhist priest's) stole
    • lyrics
  2. 경기
    • business conditions, market
    • a game, match, contest
  3. 경기 침체
    a stagnant market
  4. 고령
    an advanced age
  5. 고령자
    a person of advanced age
  6. 공교육
    public education
  7. 기혼
  8. 대책
    대책 마련
    • a measure, a countermeasure
    • countermeasure preparations
  9. 마련
    대책 마련
    • preparations
    • countermeasure preparations
  10. 보육
    보육 시설
    • nurturing, rearing, fostering
    • a daycare center
  11. 사교육
    private education
  12. 사상
    in history
  13. 성인
    an adult

  14. 애를 보다
    • abbreviation of 아이
    • watching a child
  15. 양립
  16. 육아
    child care, nursing
  17. 정부
  18. 조기
    조기 유학
    • early stage
    • early stage study abroad
  19. 지난해
    last year
  20. 출산
    • childbirth
    • birth rate
  21. 침체
    경기 침체
    • stagnation, inactivity
    • a stagnant market
  22. 통계
    • statistics, statistical data
    • The National Statistical Office
  23. 평균
    the average, mean
  24. 허용
    permission, allowance, approval, sanction
  25. 그치다
    stop, cease, come to an end, fade out, hold up
  26. 기록하다
    record, make a record of
  27. 꼽다
    number, reckon, take a count (of), count (on one's fingers)
  28. 답하다
    answer, reply, rejoinder, response, solution
  29. 실시하다
    put in operation, (force, practice), put in effect, enforce (a law), give effect to, carry into effect
  30. 증가하다
    increase (in), rise, grow, swell, multiply
  31. 진입하다
    march (penetrate) into, enter, go into, advance into
  32. 시급하다
    urgent, pressing, imminent, immediate, compelling, imperative
  33. 급격히
    rapidly, suddenly, abruptly, radically
  34. 저-
    • low
    • a low birth rate

  35. 초고령
    • super-, ultra-, sur-, hyper-
    • extremely old age
    • very high speed
  36. 거부감
    a sense of rejection, disapproval?
  37. 과외
    extracurricular work
  38. 교육열
    warm education
  39. 구조
    사회 구조
    • organization, fabrication, fabric
    • the organization of society
  40. 국가적
  41. 국내
  42. 낭비
    waste, extravagance, squandering
  43. 비용
    expense, cost, expenditure
  44. 어학연수
    language study and training
  45. 언론
    speech, writing, discussion
  46. 열의
    zeal, ardor, enthusiasm, eagerness
  47. 위주
    학벌 위주
    putting (something) first, giving primacy to (something)
  48. 이상
    • more than, over, above, upward of
    • above-mentioned, stated above
    • since, now that, seeing that
    • =이것으로
  49. 이익
    profits, gains, returns, turnover, proceeds, benefit, good, advantage, interests
  50. 일리
    일리가 있다
    • some reason, some truth, the same reason
    • to have a reason
  51. 자식
    • one's children
    • a creature, guy, chap, fellow, bloke
  52. 적응력
    power of adaptation
  53. 정상화
  54. 정체성
    정체성을 갖추다
    • one's true nature
    • going with one's true nature
  55. 제도
    교육 제도
    • a system, institution, organization
    • education system
  56. 차원
    정부 차원
    • dimension (aspect?)
    • government dimesion
  57. 해결책
    a means of settling (the trouble), a solution
  58. 갖추다
    to prepare (something needed)
  59. 마련하다
    prepare, plan
  60. 미치다
    영향을 미치다
    • befall
    • consequences befall a person
  61. 받아들이다
    accept, recieve, agree, assent consent (to), comply with, listen to, grant (a request), introduce, understand, adopt
  62. 밝히다
    입장을 밝히다
    • light up, brighten, enlighten, make a matter clear, clarify
    • to make one's position clear
  63. 보도되다
    to be reported?
  64. 습득하다
    pick up, find (lost property), come across
  65. 바람직하다
    (be) desirable, advisable
  66. 유리하다
    (be) profitable, lucrative, paying, advantageous, favorable
  67. 팽팽하다
    의견이 팽팽하다
    • (be) tight, taught
    • narrow-minded, touchy, peevish
    • equal, even, equally-matched
    • two ideas are evenly matched(so its difficult to decide between them)
  68. 대단히
    very, extremely, to the utmost extent
  69. 종종
    • various (diverse, different) kinds
    • now and then, occasionaly, sometimes
  70. -(으)ㄴ/는 가운데~
  71. X-는 셈이다
    after thought, X is about average, X is the decision
  72. -다고 치다
    what you say is true (but)
  73. X-다면 몰라도~Y
    If X, then Y. (X is usually impossible or unlikely)
  74. 망신
    망신을 당하다
    • shame, disgrace, humiliation
    • suffer disgrace, cope with disgrace
  75. 반응
    reaction, response

  76. 제품 개발부
    • a division
    • product development division
  77. 안색
    face color, complexion
  78. 지칭
    • designation
    • designation words
  79. 직함
    one's official title, the title of a position
  80. 호칭어
    name, title, appelation words
  81. 홍보
    해외 홍보팀
    • PR
    • foreign relations team
    • PR studies
  82. 저지르다
    실수를 저지르다
    • do, commit (an error), spoil, ruin, mar
    • make a mistake
  83. 못지않다
    한국 사람 못지않게
    • not inferior to, just as good as, no less than
    • just as good as Koreans
  84. 무례하다
    be impolite, rude, discouteous, impertinent, disrespectful, indecent
  85. 어설프다
    • coarse, rough, loose
    • clumsy, awkward, poor, sloppy, careless, slovenly
  86. 유창하다
    fluent, flowing, smooth, facile
  87. 흔히
    • profusely, plentifully
    • usually, commonly, frequently, often
    • mostly, generally
  88. 뭐니 뭐니 해도
    all things taken together, when all is said and done, after all
  89. 강의록
    a transcript of lectures, a correspondance materials
  90. 남미
    North America
  91. 동그라미
  92. 동성연애 or 동성애
    homosexual love
  93. 문화권
    a cultural area
  94. 배경
    • a background, scenery, setting, a scene
    • backing, support, a backer, a supporter, a patron
  95. 보편적
    ubiquitous, general, universal
  96. 비웃음
    a sneer, a derision, ridicule, scorn, a mocking smile/laughter
  97. 자세
    a posture, position, pose, attitude, carriage
  98. 좌우
    • right and left
    • from side to side
  99. 지중해
    the Mediterranean Sea

  100. 턱을 괴다
    • jaw, chin
    • rest one's chin in one's hand
  101. 팔짱
    팔짱을 끼다
    • folding one's arms
    • fold one's arms, lock arms
  102. 포옹
    포옹을 하다
    • hug
    • to hug
  103. 결합되다
    be united with, joined with
  104. 고려하다
    consider, deliberate, think over, reflect upon
  105. 굽히다
    • bend (one's back), bow (one's head), stoop (one's body), curve, twist
    • deviate (deflect) from (one's principle), yield, submit
  106. 끄덕이다
    고개를 끄덕이다
    • nod, no approval, approve (of)
    • nod one's head
  107. 뵙다
    humbly see(meet), be presented to, have an audience with
  108. 찡그리다
    frown, scowl, grimace
  109. 해석되다
    be interpreted (as), be understood (as)
  110. 해석하다
    interpret, construe, translate, define, explain, expound, comment
  111. 가볍다
    가볍게 숙이다
    • light, mild, plain, careless, imprudent, rash, frivoulous, flippant, insignificant, umimportant, easy, simple
    • to bow
  112. 마주
    face to face, vis a vis
  113. 아무런
    any sort of, in any way, no
  114. 잘돼 가다
    to go well
  115. -(이)라고~, 하고~
  116. -더니~
    and then (immediately)
  117. -(이)란
    • emphasis
    • definition of a noun
  118. -다시피
    • as you (know/see/hear)
    • as if (X)
  119. A-아/어/여야지 B-아/어/여서는 안 되다
    Do A, don't do B
  120. 과장(님)
    department chair
  121. 대리(님)
  122. 부장(님)
    department head
  123. 사장(님)
    company president
  124. 사모(님)
    one's teacher's wife
  125. 따님
    a higher person's daughter
  126. 아드님
    a higher person's son
  127. 자제 분
    children of a higher person
  128. 그쪽
    you, thou
  129. 아가씨
    • miss
    • husband's younger sister
  130. 아줌마
  131. 아저씨
    older gent
  132. 이모
    • aunt
    • mother's close female friend
  133. 삼촌
    • uncle
    • father's close male friend
  134. 어머님
    a close friend's mother
  135. 아버님
    a close friend's father
  136. 제수씨
    • younger brother's wife
    • hubae's wife
  137. 형수님
    • elder brother's wife
    • sonbae's wife
  138. traditional hat of married men
  139. 구경꾼
    a sightseer, a visitor, a spectator, the audience, an onlooker, a bystander
  140. 깍지
    깍지를 끼다
    • clasping one's hands
    • to clasp one's hands together
  141. 손등
    the back of the hand
  142. 승부
    승부가 나다
    • victory or defeat, the outcome, a contest, a match, a game
    • ?
  143. 악사
    a bandsman, a musician
  144. 안간힘
    안간힘을 쓰다
    • holding back an urge, restraining (indignation)
    • hold back an urge, restrain (indignation), try hard to
  145. 율동

  146. 씨름꾼 편
    • side
    • cheering for a wrestler
  147. 관찰하다
    observe, make an observation, view, watch, survey, look
  148. 나가다
    경기에 나가다
    • go out, get out, exit, enter upon, find one's way (into)
    • work (in), serve (in), hold an office
    • take part in
    • sell, be sold
    • resign (from office)
    • enter into a business or exercise?
  149. 넘어뜨리다
    • throw (bring) down, knock down, trip
    • defeat, ruin, overthrow
  150. 넘치다
    • overflow, flood, teem, swarm
    • exceed, pass, be more than
  151. 불다
    피리를 불다
    • to blow
    • to play a flute
  152. 세우다
    무릎을 세우다
    • stand, erect, set on end, hoist a flag, plant a pillar
    • stop
    • sharpen
    • be inspired
    • lay out a plan, map out a course
    • perform (meritorious service)
    • be stubborn
    • put up, nominate
    • institute a system, enact a law
    • to sit with one's knees up
  153. 어우러지다
    get joined together
  154. 장난치다
    have a lark, frisk about, do something fun
  155. 주다
    힘을 주다
    to use one's strength
  156. 찌푸리다
    얼굴을 찌푸리다
    • cloud over, frown
    • make a frowny face, wrinkle up
  157. 가늘다
    • thin, slender
    • fine, close, delicate
    • weak, faint, small
  158. 둥그렇다
    be round, circular, globular
  159. 흥겹다
    be full of fun, delightful, exciting

  160. 입을 헤 벌리다
    with one's mouth wide open
  161. 가명
    an alias
  162. 낙서
    • scribbling, a scrawl
    • ommision of a word
  163. 불안감
    불안감을 덜다
    • a feeling of uneasiness (unrest)
    • alleviate, relieve uneasiness
  164. 신경쇠약
    nervous breakdown
  165. 안정감
    a sense of stability
  166. 의문
    의문을 가지다
    • a question, a doubt
    • to have concerns, doubts
  167. 일부
    • a part, section, division
    • a single copy (of a book)
  168. 정신과
    the mind, mental
  169. 즐거움
    pleasure, enjoyment, delight, happiness, joy
  170. 지수
    스트레스 지수
    • a numerical index, an exponent
    • stress level
  171. 지적
    지적인 여성
    • intellectual, mental, brainy
    • an intelligent woman
  172. 진실
    truth, sincerity, reality, fact
  173. 회복
    recovery, restoration, retrieval, rehablilitation, revival
  174. 감상하다
    to appreciate, enjoy
  175. 다루다
    treat, deal with, work with, handle
  176. 드러나다
    • become known, famous
    • show (display) itself, be revealed, come into evidence
    • be exposed, disclosed
  177. 떠올리다
    • boast, talk big
    • pretend to decline in a flowery way
  178. 앓다
    병을 앓다
    • be sick (with), afflicted (with), troubled (by)
    • be sick
  179. 재현하다
    reappear, reemerge, revive, reproduce, repeat
  180. 해소되다
    • dissolve, liquidate,
    • solve, settle
    • be annuled, be broken off
  181. 해소하다
    • be dissolved, liquidated
    • annul, break off
    • be solved, be settled
  182. 두렵다
    • be fearful, scared, afraid of
    • be awed, awe-stricken
  183. 솔깃하다
    귀가 솔깃하다
    • take an interest in, be enthusiastic about
    • be interested in listening
  184. 폭넓다
    very broad?
  185. 차츰
  186. 삼각형
  187. 사각형
    a square(quadrangle)
  188. 정사각형
    regular (exact) square
  189. 직사각형
  190. 정육면체
    a cube
  191. 원형
    a circle, a round shape
  192. 원뿔형
    a cone
  193. 원기둥형
    a cylinder
  194. 타원형
    an oval
  195. 둥글다
    be round, circular
  196. 네모나다
    to be square
  197. 길쭉하다
    be long
  198. 유리
  199. 금속
  200. clay
  201. cloth
  202. 가죽
    leather, skin
  203. -(으)로 만들어지다
    made of
  204. 딱딱하다
    to snap, crack
  205. 부드럽다
    soft, smooth
  206. 푹신하다
    soft, cushiony, spongy, elastic, fluffy
  207. 투명하다
    to be clear, see though
  208. 완만하다
    • inactive, dull, lax, sluggish
    • can be applied to mountains
  209. 가파르다
    steep, precipitous, sheer, sharp
  210. 오르막길
    an uphill road, path
  211. 내리막길
    a downhill road or path
  212. 넓다
  213. 좁다
  214. 평평하다
    flat, level, even
  215. 울통불통하다
    uneven, bumpy, rugged, jagged
  216. (쭉) 뻗다/뻗어 있다
  217. 구불구불하다
    meandering, winding, zigzag
  218. -갈래로 갈라지다/갈라져 있다
    to have a fork in the road
  219. 깊다
  220. 얕다
  221. 잔잔하다
    quiet, calm, tranquil, placid
  222. 파도가 치다
    waves hit
  223. 수평선
    the sea line, the horizon
  224. -네요
    softer than 어/아요, used mostly by women
  225. X-치고~Y
    almost all X, Y
  226. -는 데~
    = -는 것~
  227. -아/어/여 있다
    state of being -
  228. -아/어/여지다

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