GCSE Chemistry (Triple)

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  1. what does the primordial soup theory state
    that billions of years ago , the earths atmosphere was rich in nitrogen , hydrogen , ammonia and methane and lightening struck , causing a chemical reaction between the gases , resulting in the formation of amino acids . the acids collected in a primordial soup (a body of water out of which life gradually crawled ) the acids combined to produce organic matter which eventually evolved into simple living organisms
  2. in the 1950's , Miller and Urey carried out an experiment that to prove the primordial theory , they sealed the gases in thier aperatus , heated them and applied an electrical charge for a week . they found that
    amino acids were made , but not as many as there are on earth . This suggets that the theory could be along the right lines but isnt quite right
  3. what were the raw materials used in the Miller Urey experiment
    • carbon dioxide
    • methane
    • nitrogen
    • ammonia
    • oxygen
  4. name some intermediate products formed by the Miller Urey experiment
    • methanol
    • hydrogen cyonide
    • diamono methanol
  5. what did the primordial soup contain that was considered to be of significance
    amino acids which are the building blocks of protiens
  6. does the primordial soup theory explain how life started on earth
    no as it only shows how some molecules needed for life may have been formed
  7. why do we not know how life was fist formed
    because we were not there when earth was first formed
  8. the earths crust , oceans and atmosphere are the .... ..... of minerals and resources - we can get everything we need from them . for example we can ...... .... .... to get a variety products (e.g. nitrogen and oxygen) for use in ...
    • ultimate source
    • fractionally distill
    • industry
  9. to fractionally distill air we
    air is .... to remove ...
    it is then ... to around .... degrees C and becomes a ...
    the misture is .... up
    ... is collected at -269 degrees C
    as each substancw reaches its .... .. it ...... and becomes a .... which is collected seperately
    ..... and .... come out together so another column is used to seperate them
    • filtered
    • dust
    • cooled
    • -200
    • liquid
    • warmed
    • helium
    • boiling point
    • evapourates
    • gas
    • oxygen
    • argon
  10. burning fossil fuels releases
    carbon dioxide and as the world's become more industrialised , more fossil fuels have been burnt in power stations and car engines , this carbon dioxide is thought to be altering our planet
  11. an increase in carbon dioxide is causing
    global warming
  12. the oceans are a natural store of carbon dioxide they absorb it from the atmosphere however
    extra carbon dioxide we are releasing is too acidic . this is bad news for coral and shell fish and it also means that in the future the oceans wont be able to absorb any more carbon dioxide
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