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  1. Northern Rhone Characteristics
    Black pepper, green olives, lavender, iron, black fruit, smoke, and game
  2. Cote Rotie
    • N. Rhone mainly syrah based allowing up to 20% Viognier
    • Soil is schist and iron rich contributing to firm tannins, and earthy structure
  3. Ogier cote-rotie 2005 N. Rhone
    • Age Worthy wine
    • Firm tannins and dense concentration
    • 100% Syrah
  4. Guigal Wines
    • Guigal cote-rotie la landonne 2006 N. Rhone
    • Guigal cote-rotie la mouline 2006 N. Rhone

    Guigal is the god father of Cote Rotie. Pioneered single vineyard bottlings. Best wines in the area and very pricey. Small percentage of viognier added.
  5. Gangloff cote-rotie la sereine noire 2007 N. Rhone
    • 100% Syrah
    • A favorite
    • Great depth and concentration
    • Combines new and old world style
    • Black fruit, iron, smoke, touch of flowers
  6. Bernard Bergaud Cote-Rotie 2007 N. Rhone
    • Unfiltered, unfined
    • Great Concentration
    • Classic aromas with addition of tobacco and licorice
  7. Chateau de saint cosme saint joseph 2007 N. Rhone
    • 100% Syrah
    • Firm spicy and peppery.
    • This appelation has simpler representation of Syrah with no White Grapes allowed
  8. Hermitage
    • Allows up to 15% of Marsanne or Rousanne white grapes but few use them.
    • Wines tend to be very earthy with flavors of leather, earth, coffee, dust.
    • Appelation of Crozes Hermitage are simpler and easier drinking than classic hermitage
  9. Delas Marquise de la tourette hermitage 2004 N. Rhone
    • Old school style
    • Tannic and earthy
    • Black fruit with a touch of smoke and tobacco
  10. Jaboulet wines
    • A top porducer in Hermitage
    • La Chapelle is a great vineyard
    • Big Tannic earth driven age worthy wines with classic hermitage flavors (earth, coffee, leather, dust)

    • Jaboulet la chapelle hermitage 1997 N. Rhone
    • Jaboulet la chapelle hermitage 2001 N. Rhone
  11. Betts and Scholl hermitage 2006 N. Rhone
    Modern riper style of hermitage with more fruit and extraction than others
  12. Emmanuel darnaud crozes-hermitage 2009 N. Rhone
    • Crozes-Hermitage are simpler and easy drinking
    • Flavors of smoked bacon, violets, stewed blueberries
  13. Cornas Wines
    Very gritty, age worthy, tannic wines with pronounced earthiness that need decanting. Soil has chalk but very sandy and rocky, with characteristic red-brown dirt.
  14. Franck Balthazar "les chaillot" cornas 2006 N. Rhone
    • Slightly gentler style of Cornas
    • Softer tannins, rounder structure, and more extraction
  15. Alain Voge vv Cornas 2007 N. Rhone
    • Favorite of the three Cornas
    • Rustic gamey
    • Classic Cornas with a great aging potential and angular structure
  16. Chateaneuf Du Pape wine
    • Southern Rhone
    • Grenach is the main red grape and usually blended with syrah, mourvedre, cinsault and a few others.
    • Classic aromas- raspberry, white pepper, flowers, kirsch, olives, dry herbs, lavender.
    • The more Grenache the softer the wine
  17. Chateau Rayas Wines
    Makes one of the most generously flavored wines based on all grenache
  18. Chateau Rayas Chateaneuf du Pape 2006 S. Rhone
    • Very aromatic, floral and kirsch like
    • light and elegant
  19. Chateau Pignan Cateaneuf Du Pape 2006 S. Rhone
    • From Rayas.
    • Very similar to 2006 Rayas but made from younger vines
    • Floral, elegant and light.
  20. Domaine de la Janasse Chateanueuf du Pape 2008 S. Rhone
    • Darker fruit, olive and coffee aromas
    • Deep concentration, richer style of CDP
  21. Domaine de Nalys CDP 2009 S. Rhone
    • Softer style, great vintage
    • More floral and red berry aromas
  22. Domaine du Pagau CDP 2007 S. Rhone
    • Firmer style of CDP
    • More meathy and earthy aromas
  23. La pielade CDR 2007 S. Rhone
    Henri Morel Signargues CDR 2008 S. Rhone
    Dom. de la Colline Saint Jean CDR 2009 S. Rhone
    Domaine Brusset les boudalles ventoux 2008 S. Rhone
    • All blends with bright, medium bodied with forward aromas
    • Spice, pepper, raspberry, and earth.
  24. Labranceh laffont vv Madiran 2006 South West France
    • Tannat is the dominant grape
    • Very dark, brambly and tannic
    • Big wines with intense flavors of fig, black olive, leather, tobacco, earth
  25. Chateau Montus 2006 Madiran France
    • Tannat with a little Cabernet Sauvignon
    • Allain Brumont is the legendary meticulous wine maker
    • Bigger concentration than labranceh
    • Fig, black olive, leather, tobacco, earth
  26. Dom. Castell-reynoard bandol 2007 Provence France
    • Mourvedre is the grape
    • Lots of spice, black fruit, leather and earth
  27. J&J Eger Kekfrankos 2006 Hungary
    • Blaufrankish is the grape
    • Medium body with bright red berry/plum
    • Firm tannins brambly nose
  28. Juris St laurent reserve 2006 Burgenland Austria
    • St Laurent is a highly aromatic dark skin grape
    • Spicy and peppery a touch of leather and tobacco
    • Med-Full body, Firm tannins with a touch of leafy aroma
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