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  1. Was the first to reach the South Pole and to fly over the North Pole?
    Amundsen, Ronald
  2. Pacific Ocean
    Balboa, Vasco Nunez de
  3. explored North America
    Cabot, John
  4. St. Lawrence Region
    Cartier, Jacques
  5. Mythical city of Cibola, S.W region of the U.S.
    Coronado, Francisco
  6. Mexico, Aztec nation
    Cortes, Hernando
  7. Cuba, Flordia, SE region of the US
    de Soto, Hernando
  8. Cape of Good Hope
    Diaz, Bartolomeu
  9. Circumnivgated the globe; helped defeat the Spanish Armanda
    Drake, Sir Francis
  10. Hudson River, Hudson Bay Area
    Hudson, Henry
  11. The first to sail around the world
    Magellan, Ferdinard
  12. Discovered the Mississippi
    Marquette, Jacques
  13. North Pole
    Peary, Robert E.
  14. Peru, Inca empire
    Pizarro, Francisco
  15. Explored China and Asia
    Polo, Marco
  16. First European explorer in Flordia
    Ponce de Leon, Juan
  17. Eastern coast of US
    Raleigh, Sir Walter
  18. Antarctica, South Pole
    Scott, Robert
  19. First European to explore Arizona and New Mexico
    Vasquez de Coronado, Fransisco
  20. America was names after him; first realized that the Americas were a different continent than Asia
    Vespucci, Amerigo
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