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  1. Beaufort Scale: wind force scale names after him
    Beaufort, Francis
  2. Telephone
    Bell, Alexander Graham
  3. the petrol-powered automobile
    Benz, Karl
  4. with Robert Cailiau, the World Wide Web
    Berners-Lee, Tim
  5. the Braille writing system
    Braille, Louis
  6. high-speed internal-combustion engine
    Daimler, Gottlieb
  7. Conceptualized a helicopter, painted the Mona Lisa, advanced anatomy
    Da Vinci Leonardo
  8. First internal-combustion engine using fuel oil instead of gasoline
    Diesel, Rudolf
  9. bicycle(Draisine)
    Drais, Karl
  10. lighbulb, phonograph
    Edison, Thomas
  11. theory of relativity
    Einstein, Albert
  12. the computer mouse
    Engelbart, Douglas
  13. one of the first developers of the nuclear reactor
    Fermi, Enrico
  14. penicillin
    Fleming, Alexander
  15. developed modern assembly lines for mass production
    Ford, Henry
  16. lightning rod
    Franklin, Benjamin
  17. improved the telescope, physicist
    Galilei, Galileo
  18. movable type, printing press
    Gutenberg, Johannes
  19. wireless radio
    Marconi, Guglielmo
  20. hot-air balloon
    Montgolfier, Joseph-Michel
  21. reflecting telescope(reduces chromatic aberration)
    Newton, Isaac
  22. dynamite
    Nobel, Alfred
  23. the X-ray machine
    Roentgen, Wilhelm Conrand
  24. first stream locomotive
    Stephenson, George
  25. interchangable parts, cotton gin
    Whitney, Eli
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