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  1. gravida
    a woman who is pregnant
  2. gravidity
  3. multigravida
    a woman who has had two or more pregnancies
  4. multipara
    a woman who has completed two or more pregnancy to 20 or more weeks of gestation
  5. nulligravida
    a woman who has never been pregnant
  6. nullipara
    a women who has not completed a pregnancy with a fetus or fetuses who have reached 20 wks of gestation.
  7. parity
    the number of pregnancies in which the fetus or fetuses have reached 20 wks of gestation when they are born, not the number of fetuses(twins) born. Whether the fetus is born alive or is stillborn does not affect parity
  8. postdate or postterm
    a pregnancy that goes beyond 42 wks of gestation
  9. preterm
    a pregnancy that has reached 20 wks of gestation but ends before completion of 37 weeks of gestation
  10. primigravida
    a womean who is pregnant for the first time
  11. primipara
    a women who has completed one pregnancy with a fetus or fetuses who have reached 20 wks gestation
  12. term
    a pregnancy from completion of 37 wks of gestation to the end of week 42 gestation
  13. viability
    capacity to live outside the uterus. born 22025 weeks of gestation are considered to be on the threshold of viability(vulnerabl to brain injury)
  14. pregnancy test
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