Cultural Literature 5

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  1. Genetic Code
    The code that translates the sequence of molecules along the DNA strand into a sequence of amino acids along proteins manufactured by the cell.
  2. Genetic Engineering
    The manipulation of molecules in strands of DNA to produce new types of organisma, usually by inserting of deleting genes.
  3. Genetics
    the study of heredity or how the characteristics of living things are transmitted from one generation to the the next.
  4. Genome Project
    A worldwide project now underway whose goal is to determine the precise arrangement of molecultes on the human DNA strand
  5. Genus
    In biology, the classification lower than a family and higher than a species.
  6. Glucose
    The most common form of sugar, found extensively in the bodies of living things, a molecule composed of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen
  7. Gonads
    The organs in aminals that produce sex cells
  8. Heredity
    The passing of characteristics form parents to children
  9. Hominids
    The biological family that includes our species, Homo Sapiens. This family also included Neanderthals and other forerunners of today's human's
  10. Homo
    the genus to which human beings belong
  11. Hybridization
    producing offspring from parents of different stock
  12. Hydroponics
    cultivating plants in an artificial environment in which the necessary nutrients are carried to the roots in a liquid minture
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