C/H Greece Politics/Society

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  1. Aspasia-
    from Classical/Hellenic Greece; was accused of influencing Pericles’ actions.
  2. Delian League-
    from Classical/Hellenic Greece; a defensive league where members would contribute money in order to maintain their large fleet for defense. This communal sum of money was “stolen” by Athens in order to rebuild Acropolis and to fund Athens’s Golden Age.
  3. Demagogue-
    from Classical/Hellenic Greece; A political leader who looks for support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices.
  4. Democracy-
    from Classical/Hellenic Greece; a form of government in which the supreme power is in the people. As a result of the Greeks, we now have a democratic government in the US
  5. Oligarchy-
    from Classical/Hellenic Greece; ruling by a small group or a middle/wealthy social class. Was Sparta’s idea of how a government should be
  6. Ostracism-
    from Classical/Hellenic Greece; the exiling by popular vote of people who were considered threats to the city-state. Protected the government from those who threatened the ruling.
  7. Peloponnesian War-
    from Classical/Hellenic Greece; war between Sparta and Athens. This lead to the conquering of Athens by Macedonia
  8. Pericles-
    from Classical/Hellenic Greece; statesman; his leadership made Athens the political and cultural jewel of Greece
  9. Polis-
    from Classical/Hellenic Greece; ancient Greek city state. Allowed parts of Greece to govern independently from each other.
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