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  1. Aeschylus- from Classical/Hellenic Greece; play writer. His studying of the Persian’s loss warned the Athenians not to let their own arrogant pride bring their destruction.
  2. Aristophanes-
    from Classical/Hellenic Greece; comic playwrighter; With his plays he reminded people that life and sex were more important than death and war.
  3. Euripides-
    from Classical/Hellenic Greece; playwrighter; Through his plays he predicted the downfall of Athens.
  4. Herodotus-
    from Classical/Hellenic Greece; was considered the father of western history and wrote many plays. He took on the belief that you have to experience something before you believe it. This traveling allowed him to write accurate historical accounts of the Persian wars.
  5. Myron-
    from Classical/Hellenic Greece; sculptor; He worked almost exclusively in bronze to make new bolded sculptures of athletes.
  6. Phidias-
    from Classical/Hellenic Greece; sculptor; he is known as the best sculptor of Classical Greece. His statue of Zeus at Olympia was one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World
  7. Sophocles-
    from Classical/Hellenic Greece; respected playwriter. Wrote the well known The Theban Play. This play became a study of the measurement of how a man responds to tragic fates.
  8. Thucydides-
    from Classical/Hellenic Greece; historian; Wrote History of the Peloponnesian War which is now the earliest and most detailed record of the war.
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