C/H Science/Technology

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  1. Anaxagoras-
    from Classical/Hellenic Greece; philosopher; famous for introducing the cosmological concept of Nous, as an ordering force.
  2. Democritus-
    from Classical/Hellenic Greece; philosopher; Posited an infinite universe of tiny atoms with spaces between them. Even though his ideas were not supported, they were proven in the 20th century.
  3. Empedocles-
    from Classical/Hellenic Greece; philosopher; stated four elements which make matter: Fire, Air, Water, Earth
  4. Hippocrates-
    from Classical/Hellenic Greece; physician; had a new approach to medicine which put humans at the center of the study. This idea is still used today by physicians.
  5. Leucippus-
    from Classical/Hellenic Greece; physicist; believed matter consists of atoms
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