Digital Advertising

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  1. What user activity to web servers track
    • IP Adress
    • Timpestamp
    • Files Accessed (what you did and where you went)
    • Referrer URL (previous site)
    • Username (if logged in)
  2. What are Cookies
    Information stored on a user's computer by a web server that can be written, read, and modified (session data, authentication data, site preferences)
  3. 1st party cookies
    Stored on a computer by the site you are visiting (usually account/profile/preference data)
  4. Third Party Cookies
    Stored on a user's computer by a third party, usually an ad company, to collect behavior data
  5. Visit/Session
    (website metric)
    period of interaction between visitor's browser and website. (There is an inactive time of 30 minutes)
  6. Visitor
    (website metric)
    A distinct person visiting a website as near as can be distinguished (distinguished by the IP address)
  7. Page
    (website metric)
    • Any file or content delievered by a web server that is considered a web document. Includes:
    • HTML pages
    • Script-generated pages
    • Plain text pages
    • Sound files
    • Video Files
    • ECT
  8. Pageview
    (website metric)
    An instance of a page being loaded by a browser
  9. Bounce Rate
    (website metrics)
    Percentage of single page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the landing page
  10. Pages/Visits
    (website metrics)
    Pages per visit is the average number of pages viewed per visit (good indication of engagement)
  11. Average Time on Site
    (website metric)
    Time on site is the difference between the first page request and the last page request in a single visit. (engagement metric)
  12. Key Preformance Indicators (KPIs)
    • The primary metrics you will use to evaluate success of an online presence. They depend on specific goals. Examples:
    • Conversions/Lead submissions
    • Reach (Unique visitors)
    • Frequency (pages per visit)
    • Clickthrough rate
    • Interactions/Engagements
  13. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Optimizing the pagerank and appearnce of a website/page in organice search results
  14. Tips From Googles on SEO
    • Create unique, accurate, descriptive page titles (title tags)
    • Use a clear description meta tag
    • Optionally use a meta keywords tag
    • Use descriptive file names
  15. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    Creating relevant advertising for targeted search results pages
  16. Impression
    When a digital ad is displayed onscreen
  17. Cost Per Mille (CPM)
    Ad inventory that is sold at a certain price per 1,000 views or impressions
  18. Pay Per Click (PPC)
    An interactive advertising model where an advertiser ONLY pays for clicks on an ad and not impressions
  19. Cost Per Click (CPC)
    The price an advertiser pays if their google ad is clicked on by a user
  20. Cost Per Click (CPC)
    The price an advertiser pays if their google ad is clicked on by a user
  21. Technical requirements of an Adwords campagin
    • Link text is limited to 35 characters. Languages using double-width
    • characters (such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) can have 17
    • characters.
    • The Destination URL is limited to 1024 max characters.
  22. Link Text Guidelines of a Adwords campagin
    • Accurate and clear link text: Your link text must directly relate to the content on the landing page for your ad. When users see your ad, they should be able to understand what kind of product, service, or other content they will find on the site you are directing to.
    • Use of symbols: Symbols used in link text that do not serve any purpose other than to draw attention to the Ad Sitelinks are not allowed.
    • No Keyword insertion: You cannot use the keyword insertion feature within your link text.
  23. Googles Advertising Claim Policy
    Google AdWords doesn't allow ads that make inaccurate claims. Inaccurate claims include competitive claims, superlatives, and unverified offers.
  24. Googles Keyword Tool
    • Competition
    • Global Monthly Searches
    • Local Monthly Searches
    • Suggested Keywords (keyword ideas)
  25. Google Traffic Estimator
    • Kewword
    • Global Montly Searches
    • Local Monthly Searches
    • Estimated Avg CPC
    • Estimated AD Postion
    • Estimated Daily Clicks
    • Estimated Daily Cost
  26. Online Display Advertising
    "Billboard" advertisments appearing on content-rich websites alongside primary pages and articles using rich media options and associated with branding campagins (low CTR)
  27. Geographic Targeting
    (targeting methods)
    Target by physical location; exampe: banner ads for UNI appearing only in Iowa
  28. Daypart Targeting
    (targeting methods)
    Targeting by the time of day ads run; example: budwiser ads running on friday afternoons
  29. Demographic Targeting
    (targeting methods)
    Targeting by age, gender, income, occupation, and household size/type.
  30. Contextual Targeting
    (targeting methods)
    Targeting with ads that have a relationship to the content appearing with
  31. Behavioral Targeting
    (targeting methods)
    Targeting people who have completed a particular action or online behavior with ads in unexpected places
  32. IAB Universal Ad Pacakge (UAP)
    • A set of four ad sizes that all compliant member publishers have agreed to support. Can be a gif, jpeg or swf. No higher than 40k of download and recommend animation lenght of 15sec. Include:
    • Leaderboard - 728 x 90
    • Wide Skyscraper - 160 x 600
    • Medium Rectangle - 300 x 250
    • Rectangle - 180 x 150
  33. 6 foundations of great digital creative
    Is the idea: Interactive, Customizable, Contextual, Entertaining, Playable, Useful
  34. Ad Rank Formula
    Max Bid x Quality Score = Position
  35. Cost for Google Ad
    Price of A x Quality A = Bid B Quality B

    Price of A = Bid B (Quality B) / Quality A OR

    Price of A = Ad Rang/Quality A
  36. Spam
    Is unsolicited (recipient did not ask to recieve it) and Sent in Bulk
  37. CAN-SPAM
    • Bans false or misleading header information (header is subject, from, and first few lines)
    • Prohibits desceptive subject lines
    • Requires that your email give recipients an unsubscribe method
    • Commercial email must be identified as an advertisement and include the senders valid postal address
    • Cannot "harvest" email addresses
    • Cannot generate email addresses using a "dicitonary attack" (combinbing random names, letters, numbers)
    • Tehcnical provisions on how they are actually sent
  38. Email Marketing Metrics
    • # Sent: the number initially sent out
    • # Delivered: the number of sent emails that get to the recipient
    • # Opened: delivered emails actually opened
    • # Clickthroughs: opened emails resulting in a clickthrough to a landing page
    • # Unsubscirbed
    • # Complaints
  39. Email Marketing Categories
    • Transaction: Single sale focus
    • Aquisition: Aquiring new contacts via email subscriptions (newsletters, daily updates, special announcements, ect)
    • Retention: "lifetime value" customer relationship focus, created focused relevant content, loyalty programs
  40. Microsites
    • Action-oriented
    • Targeted
    • Rapid deployment
    • Low maintenance
    • Inexpensive
  41. Microsite Objectives
    • Lead Generation
    • Drive Sales
    • Branded Experience
  42. Landing Page elements
    • Logo
    • Response Channel
    • Prominent Call to Action
    • Offer/Value
    • Consise Supporting Copy
    • Video
    • Relevant Internal Links
  43. Wire Frames
    • A simplified view of what will appear on each screen
    • Purpose: to communicate innitial ideas
    • Scope: to visiualize and prioritie content and structure
  44. Wireframe Elements
    • Content Areas
    • Content Descriptions
    • Content Pirorities
    • Links and Form Elements
    • Annotations/Identifiyin information
    • Page objectives/Rationale
  45. Strengths of an Online Video
    • Playing to an Attentive Market
    • Can ignit market into direct action
    • Can establish an emotional connection
    • Engagement can be measured
  46. Online Video Types
    • Viral (Swagger wagon)
    • Simple Story/Webisode (Will it Blend)
    • Product benefit (google chromebook)
    • Direct Response (enterprise car sales)
  47. "Sticky" Ideas
    • Simple
    • Unexpected
    • Concrete
    • Credible
    • Emotional
    • Stories
  48. The "Fab Four" style of scriptwriting
    • Attention Getting intro (something to get and keep their attention)
    • Simply stated true value (the offer)
    • A call to action
    • A window of opportunity (time-based deadline)
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