Chapter 1: About Communication

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  1. stigma
    a characteristic that discredits a person, making him or her be seen as abnormal or undesirable
  2. instrumental needs
    practical, everyday needs
  3. model
    a formal description of a process
  4. source
    the originator of a thought or an idea
  5. encode
    to put an idea into language or gesture
  6. message
    verbal and nonberal elements of communication to which people give meaning
  7. channel
    a parthway through which messages are conveyed
  8. decode
    to interpret or give meaning to a message
  9. receiver
    the party who interprets a message
  10. noise
    anything that interferes with the encoding or decoding of a message
  11. feedback
    verbal and nonverbal responses to a message
  12. context
    the physical or psychological environment in which communication occurs
  13. channel-rich context
    a communication context involving many channels at once
  14. channel-lean context
    a communication context involving few channels at once
  15. symbol
    a representation of an idea
  16. content dimension
    literal information that is communicated by a message
  17. relational dimension
    signals about the relationship in which a message is being communicated
  18. Meta-communication
    communication about communication
  19. explicit rule
    a rule about behavior that has been clearly articulated
  20. implicit rule
    a rule about behavior that has not been articulated but is nonetheless understood
  21. interpersonal communication
    communication that occurs between two people within the context of their relationship and that, as it evolves, helps them to negotiate and define their relationship
  22. intrapersonal communication
    communication with oneself
  23. small group communication
    communication occuring within small groups of three or more people
  24. mass communication
    communication from one source to a large audience
  25. dyad
    a pair of people
  26. communication competence
    communicating in ways that are effective and appropriate
  27. empathy
    the ability to think and feel as others do
  28. cognitive complexity
    the ability to understand a given situation in multiple ways
  29. ethics
    a code of morality or a set of ideas about what is right
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