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  1. 5 Class 3 antiarrhythimics?
    • dofetilide
    • ibutilide
    • bretylium
    • sotalol
    • bretylium
  2. The most common site of the aorta during a deceleration is where?
    connection between the ascending and descending aorta
  3. What is the difference between Lacunar infarcts and Charcot-Bouchard Microaneurysm?
    • Lacunar infarcts are ischemic events
    • Charcot-Bouchard Microaneurysms are hemorrhagic events
  4. What prevents lactation during pregnancy even though prolactin levels are high?
    • estrogen
    • progesterone
  5. 3 enzymes that required Lipoic acid/thiamine?
    • alpha ketoglutarate dehydrogenase
    • pyruvate dehydrogenase
    • branched chain-alpha keto acid dehydrogenase
  6. What triggers neoplastic change in a HBV infected liver>?
    integration of the partially double stranded genome into the host cell's genome
  7. 2 Causes of foamy, frothy urine?
    • proteinuria
    • Bile salts
  8. Which DNA polymerase has 5 ' to 3' exonuclease activity?
    DNA polymerase I
  9. What bacterial enzyme activates INH?
  10. What causes fixed splitting?
  11. What causes paradoxical splitting?
    anything that prolongs LV emptying i.e aortic stenosis, LBBB
  12. What causes Wide-Splitting?
    conditions which prolong RV emptying i.e pulmonic stenosis or RBBB
  13. What is the preffered way to screen for DM?
    fasting blood sugar level
  14. How do you screen pregnant women for diabetes?
    everybody else?
    • pregnant-oral glucose tolerance test
    • everybody else--fasting blood sugar level
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