Chapter 34

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  1. Red Scare
    The movement of 1919-1920, spawned by fear of Bolshevik revolution, that resulted in the arrest and deportation of many political radicals
  2. Ku Klux Klan
    Hooded defenders of Anglo-Saxon and "Protestant" values against immigrants, Catholics, and Jews
  3. Immigration Act
    Restrictive legislation of 1924 that reduced the number of newcomers to the United States and discriminated against immigrants from southern and eastern Europe
  4. Prohibition
    New constitutional provision, popular in the Midwest and South, that encouraged lawbreaking and gangsterism in big cities
  5. Bible Belt
    Term for area of South where traditional evangelical and Fundamentalist religion remained strong
  6. Scopes Trial
    Legal battle over teaching evolution that pitted modern science against Fundamentalist religion
  7. Advertising
    New industry spawned by the mass-consumption economy that encouraged still more consumption
  8. Model T
    Henry Ford's cheap, mass-produced automobile
  9. Airplanes
    Invented in 1903 and first used primarily for stunts and mail carrying
  10. Radio
    One of the few new consumer products of the 1920s that encouraged people to stay at home rather than pulling them away from home and family
  11. Birth Control
    Feminist Margaret Sanger's cause that contributed to changing sexual behaviors, especially for women
  12. Jazz
    Syncopated style of music created by blacks that attained national popularity in the 1920s
  13. Universal Negro Improvement Association
    Marcus Garvey's self-help organization that proposed leading blacks to Africa
  14. American Mercury
    H. L. Mencken's monthly magazine that eld the literary attack on traditional moral values, the middle class, and "Puritanism"
  15. New York Stock Exchange
    The New York institution in which continuously rising prices and profits were fueled by speculation in the 1920s
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