English Vocab #3

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  1. Impending
    • -Be about to happen: "my impending departure".(of something bad)
    • -Loom: "danger of collision impends".
  2. Insidious
    -Proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, but with harmful effects: "the insidious effects of stress".
  3. Integrate
    • -Combine (parts) with another so that they become a whole.
    • -Bring into equal participation in; give equal consideration to: "integrating children with special needs".
  4. Percolate
    • -(of a liquid or gas) Filter gradually through a porous surface or substance.
    • -(of information or an idea or feeling) Spread gradually through an area or group of people.
  5. Increment
    • -An increase or addition, esp. one of a series on a fixed scale: "pay can escalate in five-cent increments".
    • -A regular increase in salary on such a scale.
  6. Component
    A part or element of a larger whole, esp. a part of a machine or vehicle.
  7. Collaborate
    • -Work jointly on an activity, esp. to produce or create something.
    • -Cooperate traitorously with an enemy.
  8. Hypertension
    • -Abnormally high blood pressure.
    • -A state of great psychological stress
  9. Correspond
    • -Have a close similarity; match or agree almost exactly.
    • -Be analogous or equivalent in character, form, or function.
  10. Analogy
    A comparison between two things, typically on the basis of their structure and for the purpose of explanation or clarification.
  11. Notorious
    Famous or well known, typically for some bad quality or deed.
  12. Parenthetical
    Of, relating to, or inserted as a parenthesis.
  13. Fundamental
    Forming a necessary base or core; of central importance.
  14. Temporal
    • -Relating to worldly as opposed to spiritual affairs; secular.
    • -Of or situated in the temples of the head.
  15. Physiological
    of or relating to the biological study of physiology; "physiological psychology"; "Pavlov's physiological theories".
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