Chapter 2

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  1. This disease is also called furuncles and they are local staphylococcal infections of the skin. Often occur at sebaceous glands or hair shafts.
  2. What are the signs and symptoms of Boils
    large and painful infection. begin as a hard, painful, red or pinkish bump in a day or two then start spreading and increases in size with pus
  3. a streptococcal infection of the cells in the skin. A bacterial infection leading to painful inflammation of the skin. The infectious agent is usually onf of the group A streptococci. one variety of this disease is call erysipelas aka St. Anthony's fire
  4. this disease begins with a tender, red, swollen area. the wound soon shows signs of infection which may be streaks running toward the nearest set of lymph nodes. Symptoms include fever, chills, and systmeic discomfort. remeber the guy with the gross red face and the finger
  5. this diease is also called mycoses, caused by fungi called dermatophytes. the characteristics lesions caused by dermatophytes are called tinea also called ringworms
    fungal infections
  6. tinea corporis or body ringworms
    fungal infection
  7. begins as one small round, red, scaly, itchy patch of skin on the trunk. heal from the center first and spreads to new sites
    • fungal infections
    • tinea corporis, body ringworm
  8. athletes foot caused by trichophyton metagrophytes
    • fungal infection
    • tinea pedis
  9. head ringworm, inhibits scalp caused by trichophyton tonsurans
    • fungai infection
    • tinea capitis
  10. boils are local or systemic contraindicated?
    local contraindicated
  11. fungal infections local or systemic
  12. a common viral infection resulting in painful blisters on a red base that develops around the mouth, genitals or other areas. outbreaks are often preced by a prodomic stage: 2 to 3 days tingling, itching, or pain. then blisters apear within 2 weeks
    herpes simplex
  13. herpes simplex local or systemic
  14. is a bacterial infection and usually seen in infacts and young children. usually staphylococci or streptococci that colonize superficial layers of the skin,
  15. impetigo is local or systemic
  16. tiny parasites that drink blood. They spread primarily through close contact with skin or infested sheets or clothing
    lice and mites
  17. lice and mites local or systemic
  18. small benign growths caused by varieties of human papillomavirus (HPV) that invade keratinocytes.
  19. warts are local or systemic
  20. hives local or systemic
  21. a non contagious chronic skin disease involving the excessive production of new skin cells that pile up into isolated or connected lesions.
  22. psoriasis local or systemic
  23. actinic keratosis, actinic cheilitis, leukoplakia, bowen's disease all are a form of what disease
    skin cancer
  24. skin cancer local or systemic
  25. signs of melanoma?
    • Asymmetrical: indeterminate shape
    • Border: irregular and maybe indistinct and blends into skin
    • Color: multicolored
    • Diameter: usually large
    • Elevated: usually are partly elevated
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