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  1. The simple past is used to denote an action that happened more than once or over a period of time: We were writing each other everyday. I went to the library on Sundays. It is constructed by adding a suffix to the end of the verb infinitive.
  2. Simple Past Suffixes:
    a. am
    b. ai
    c. a
    d. am
    e. aţi
    f. au
    • a. I've
    • b. You've
    • c. He/She has
    • d. We've
    • e. You've all
    • f. They've

    • Note: If the infinitive ends in an i, change the i to an e when adding the suffixes.
    • Example: a vorbi (to speak): Ea vorbea cu noi. She was speaking with us.
  3. 1. Avea
    a. Eu
    b. Tu
    c. El/Ea
    d. Noi
    e. Voi
    f. Ei/Ele
    • 1. (had)
    • a. aveam
    • b. aveai
    • c. avea
    • d. aveam
    • e. aveaţi
    • f. aveau
  4. 2. Fi (irregular)
    a. Eu
    b. Tu
    c. El/Ea
    d. Noi
    e. Voi
    f. Ei/Ele
    • 2. (was)
    • a. eram
    • b. erai
    • c. era
    • d. eram
    • e. eraţi
    • f. erau
  5. a. N-aveam cărţi.
    b. Nu mergeau la bisercă.
    c. Dimineaţă mîncam salata de ardei.
    d. Primeai scrisori de la ea?
    e. Nimeni nu vorbea cu mine.
    • a. We didn't have books.
    • b. They did not go to church.
    • c. I used to eat pepper salad in the morning.
    • d. Were you getting letters from her?
    • e. Nobody would talk with me.

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Romanian Simple Past Tense

Romanian Simple Past Tense
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