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  1. traficante
    dealer, trader
  2. mercader
    Persona que trata o comercia con géneros vendibles: mercader de alfombras.
  3. empresario
    businessman. or women
  4. hurtar
    steal, swife, filch
  5. atracar
    to hold up, rob
  6. asaltar
    to mug, attack, assault
  7. discípulo
    has been learned from a teacher
  8. alumno
    pupil at a school ect.
  9. estudiante
  10. escolar
    schoolboy (girl)
  11. colegial
    schoolboy (girl)
  12. condiscipulo
    fellow student
  13. sillon
    easy chair, arm chair
  14. butaca
    armchair, easy chair; seat (in theatre)
  15. silla
    chair; saddle
  16. carecer
    to lack
  17. faltar
    to lack ,not to have
  18. escasear
    to be scarce, be in meager supply
  19. infromal
    unrealiable, untrustworthy, imprecise
  20. puntual
    punctual, precise, detailed, reliable
  21. delicuente
  22. resignarse
    to resing oneself to
  23. dimitir
    indicateds resingnin or quitting a positing or job, especially when some formal or offical notification is involved
  24. cesar
    suspender acabar algo
  25. callejear
    to wander to walk in the strrets
  26. pasear
    to stroll, walk
  27. ir a pie
    to walk
  28. deambular
    to wander, stroll
  29. temblar
    to shake, tremble, quake
  30. sacudir
    to shake
  31. tiritar
    to shiver, shake
  32. estremecerse
    to shake, shudder
  33. rebatir
    to refute
  34. objetar
    to object
  35. responder
    to answer, respons, reply
  36. amar
    to love
  37. enamorarse
    to fall in love with
  38. adorar
    to adore, wr=orship
  39. pelarlas
    to peel
  40. mondarlas
    peel(ing), pare
  41. cascarlas
    to crack, split
  42. gatear
    to crrep crawl
  43. serpentear
    to crawl, meander
  44. reptar
    to crawl
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