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  1. temple soup
    Chicken, beef, shrimp, baby corn, snap peas, straw mushrooms, and carrots in chicken broth
  2. mushu vegetable
    julienned cabbage, carrots, bamboo shoots, baby corn, wood ear mushrooms, scrambled egg, and scallions
  3. pork dumplings
    minced ground pork with bokchoy, ginger, scallions wrapped in flour dough pastry
  4. crab meat asperagus soup
    asparagus, jumbo lump crab meat, button mushrooms, eggwhites in a chicken broth
  5. pepper steak
    flank steak sauteed with onions and bell peppers in brown garlic sauce
  6. sesame shrimp
    lighlty battered and crispy friend with a sweet tangy red sauce sprinkled with black and white sesame seeds
  7. grand marnier prawns
    lightly battered and crispy friend jumbo shrimp drizzled with a sweet citrus based aoli sauce with shredded scallions on top of a bed of thinly sliced oranges
  8. peking duck
    slow roasted long island duckling finished to a crispy, juicy perfection served with finely sliced scallions, cucumbers hand rolled stemed crepes, homemade plum sauce
  9. duck L'orange
    half a crispy duck, sliced boneless except the drum and drum and thigh topped with a lovely orange reduction
  10. peppercorn chicken
    lightly friend with a spicy pepper relish bell peppers, onions, ginger, hot chili peppers
  11. sweet and sour pineapple chicken
    chunks of white meat chicken lightly battered and wok fried in a tangy red sauce with bell peppers, golden pineapple chunks and onions
  12. sizzling chicken BB sauce
    sauted in a buttery black bean garlic sauce with broccoli, bell peppers, onions, straw mushrooms, and water chestnuts
  13. velvet chicken
    sauteed with a light rice wine egg white sauce with broccoli, bell peppers, babycorn, snap peas, straw mushrooms, and water chestnuts
  14. imperial temple
    live maine lobster sauteed with ginger and scallion plated with tender stirfried filet mignon in garlic sauce lobster sauteed with snap peas carrots, corn, straw mushrooms in a ginger scallion white wine sauce
  15. whole red snapper
    • fried- bell peppers, onions, ginger
    • steamed- topped with scallions and ginger and lemon in a light soy sauce
  16. dry sauteed string beans
    frsh crisp string beans sauteed in ricee oil
  17. sugar snap peas
    sauteed in a sweet clear white sauce
  18. baby eggplant with garlic sauce
    melts in your mouth
  19. vegtarian chicken imperial
    vegiterian wheat gluten pieces stir fried in a sweet tangy sauce
  20. sizziling tofu steak with shiitake mushrroms
    block of house made tofu on a sdizziling hot plate with an egg that cooks infront of you with stir-fried broccoli, bell peppers, baby corn, shiitake mushrooms, and water chestnuts in a clear garlic sauce
  21. temple fried rice
    combination fried rice with shrimp, pork, and chicken with onions, peas, and bell peppers
  22. fried rice
    baby corn, carrots, peas, mushrooms
  23. lo- mein
    round wheat noodles stir-fried with bok choy, bamboo shoots, baby corn, button mushrooms, bean sprouts, carrots, and scallions
  24. angel hair pasta
    thin rice pasta tossed in rice oil with julienned bell peppers, onions, and bamboo shoots, bean sprouts , bok choy, and scallions
  25. kung pao scallops
    sauteed in a chili oil infused with garlic sauce with bell peppers, baby corn, water chestnuts, and red chili peppers tossed with cashews
  26. kung pao chicken
    sauteed cubes of chicken with a spicy oil garlic sauce with bell peppers, red chili peppers, baby corn, onions, and water chestnuts with cashews on top
  27. temple 3 delicacies
    sliced flank steak, shrimp, and sliced chicken sauteed in a chili oil garlic sauce with broccoli, bell peppers, baby corn, celery, onions, snap peas, wood ear mushrooms, and water chestnuts
  28. Mapo Tofu
    cubes of house made tofu lightly sauteed with diced bell peppers, onions, peas, shiitake mushrooms, and ground pork in a gartlic sauce
  29. chicken and broccoli
    sauteed in a garlic sauce with broccoli and carrots
  30. sesame chicken
    wok fried with a sweet tangy sauce sprinkled with black and white sesame seeds with steamed broccoli garnish
  31. chicken imperial
    wok fried with a thick spicy tangy sauce sauteed with garlic, green onions, and dried chili peppers
  32. 24 oz ny strip steak
    certified angus beef with homemade steak sauce side of pinaepple fried rice (pineapple, cashews, raisns, and egg) steamed broccoli and garlic sauce
  33. sizzling black pepper steak
    flank steak sauteed with thinly sliced bell peppers onion in black peppercorn sauce served on a hot sizzling plate
  34. beef and broccoli
    sliced flank steak sauteed in a garlic sauce with broccoli and carrots
  35. shanhai spring rolls
    bok choy, celery, carrots, straw mushrroms, and shrimp
  36. chicken soong with lettuce wraps
    diced chicken with diced bell peppers,onions, and celery in hoisen sauce served with fresh lettuce cups
  37. crispy creamy spicy shrimp
    crispy fried shrimp tossed with mushrooms in a chili garlic aioli sauce topped with scallions served with scallion pancakes
  38. satay chicken and beef skewers
    grilled chicken and beef marinated with lemongrass, ginger, and maple syrup
  39. filet mignon eggroll
    cabbage, celery, filet mignon beef cubes
  40. chunk king beef
    tender chunks of filet mignon sauteed in a chili oil soy sauce with button mushrroms and scallions over a bed of fresh steamed spinach with garlic
  41. chicken egg corn soup
    minched chickend, eggflour wisked eggs, and corn in a chicken broth
  42. tempel gourmet
    • templechinese.com
    • templegourmet.com
    • telephone: 732 212 8858
    • fax: 732 212 8878
    • 91 broad st. 07701
  43. bbq ribs
    baby back ribs sweet
  44. crispy steak tangerine
    wok fried flank steak in a sweet tangerine scallion sauce with dried chili peppers, orange peel, scallions, and garlic
  45. pepper calamari
    crispy friend tender calamari tossed with diced onions and hot bell peppers, ginger garlic and scallions topped with a pepper relish
  46. crispy scallops tangerine
    lightly battered and fried with a thick tangerine glaze and tossed with dried chili peppers orange peel, scallion, and garlic with steamed broccoli
  47. shrimp velvet
    sauteed with broccoli, bell peppers, baby corn, onions, straw mushrooms, snap peas, water chestnuts in a light rice wine egg white sauce
  48. shrimp and asparagus
    sauteed in rice oile garlic sauce with asparagus, baby corn, snap peas, and straw mushrooms
  49. shrimp and lobster sauce
    sauteed in a thick creamy, brothy egg white sauce with peas, water chestnuts, carrots, and baby corn
  50. shrimp with string beans
    sauteed in rice wine scallion sauce
  51. shrimp with eggplant
    sauteed in garlic sauce with scallions
  52. jumbo scallops and garlic sauce
    sauteed in a soy infused garlic sauce with broccoli, bell pepperd, baby corn, celery, onions, snap peas, scallions, straw and wood ear mushrooms and water chestnuts
  53. app for 2
    2 spring rolls, calamari, 2 satay, 2 dumplings, and 2 ribs
  54. hot and sour soup
    pork, tofu, bamboo shoots, wood ear mushrooms in a chili spicy soy based chicken broth with scallions on top
  55. wonton soup
    pork wrapped in thin noodle dough served in chicken broth with scallions on top
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