Nutrition 12 nutrient digestion

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  1. Where are carbohydrates digested and absorbed?
    Mouth - amylase breaks down some starch.

    Stomach - no digestion.

    SI - Pancreatic amylase breaks down starch into sugars.

    Absorption occurs in SI.
  2. Where are lipids digested and absorbed?
    Mouth - Amylase melts fats.

    Stomach - Gastric lipase breaks down fat into smaller bits of fat.

    SI - Lipases ( from pancreas and SI ) break down triclycerides into monoglycerides , glycerol, and fatty acids.

    Absorption happens in SI, small fatty acids go to vascular system, larger fatty acids go to lymphatic system.
  3. Where are proteins digested and absorbed?
    Mouth - no digestion.

    Stomach - Gastric juices denature proteins and turns pepsinogen into pepsin which breaks large polypeptides into smaller polypeptides.

    SI - Proteases break down small polypeptides into tripeptides and amino acids, peptidases break down tripeptides and dipeptides into amino acids.

    Absorption occurs in SI.

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Nutrition 12 nutrient digestion
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Nutrition 12 nutrient digestion

Nutrition 12 nutrient digestion
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