Chapter 37

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  1. What does the mnemonic FAILURE stand for?
    • F - Failure to understand the enviroment or underestimating it.
    • A - Additional medical problems not considered
    • I - Inadequate rescue skills
    • L - Lack of teamwork or experience
    • U - Underestimating the logistics of the incident
    • R - Rescue versus recovery mode not considered
    • E - Equipment not mastered
  2. What are the 10 phases of extrication?
    • 1. Preparation
    • 2. En route to the scene
    • 3. Arrival and scene size-up
    • 4. Hazard control
    • 5. Support opperations
    • 6. Gaining access
    • 7. Emergency care
    • 8. Removal of patient
    • 9. Transfer of patient
    • 10. Termination
  3. What are EMT personnel responsible for on scene?
    Assessment, medical care, triage, packaging, and transport of patients
  4. What is the danger zone?
    An area where individuals can be exposed to electical hazards such as sharp metal edges, broken glass, toxic substances, lethal rays, or ignition or explosion of hazardous materials.
  5. What is the safe zone?
    An area of protection providing safety from the danger zone.

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Vehicle Extrication and Special Rescue
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