MGMT 340 C5

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  1. personality determinants
    result of both hereditary and evironmental factors
  2. personality
    the sum total of ways in which an individual reacts to and interacts with others
  3. heredity
    factors determined at conception; one's biological, physiological, and inherent psychological makeup
  4. Myers-Briggs type indicator
    a personality test that taps four characteristics and classifies people into 1 of 16 personality types
  5. Big Five personality model
    a personality assessment model that taps five basic dimensions
  6. core self-evaluation
    the degree to which an individual likes or dislikes himself or herself, whether the person sees himself or herself as capable and effective, and whether the person feels in control of his or her environment or powerless ove the environment
  7. machiavellianism
    • the degree to which an individual is pragmatic, maintains emotional distance, and believes that ends can justify means
    • gain and use power
  8. risk taking
    people differ in their willingness to take chances, a quality that affects how much time and information managers need to make a decision
  9. type A personality
    aggressive involvement in a chronic, incessant struggle to achieve more and more in less and less time and, if necessary, against the opposing efforts of other thing or other people
  10. type B personality
    opposite of type A, do not participate in growing series of events in an ever-decreasing amount of time
  11. values
    • basic convictions that a specific mode of conduct or end-state of existence is personally or socially preferable to an opposite or converse mode of conduct or end-state of existence
    • have both content and intensity attributes
  12. long-term orientation
    • a national culture attribute that emphazises the future, thrift, and persistence
    • look to future and value thrift, persistence, and tradition
  13. short-term orientation
    • a national culture attribute that emphazises the past and present, respect for tradition, and fulfillment of social obligations
    • value the here and now, accept change more readily and don't see commitments as impediments to change
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