Legal Environment of Business Chapter 5

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  1. Legislative Rule
    an administrative agency rule that carries the same weight as a congressionally enacted statute
  2. Delegation Doctrine
    a doctrine based on Article 1, Section 8, of the U.S. Constitution, which has been construed to allow Congress to delegate some of its power to make and implement laws to administrative agencies
  3. Bureaucracy
    the organizational structure, consisting of government bureaus and agencies, through which the government implements and enforces the laws
  4. Rulemaking
    the actions undertaken by administrative agencies when formally adopting new regulations or amending old ones. Under the Administrative Procedure Act, rulemaking includes notifying the public of proposed rules or changes and receiving and considering the public's comments
  5. Notice-and-Comment Rulemaking
    a procedure in agency rulemaking that requires (1) notice, (2) opportunity for comment, and (3) a published draft of final rule
  6. Adjudication
    the act of rendering a judicial decision. In an administrative process, the proceeding in which an administrative law judge hears and decides on issues that arise when an administrative agency charges a person or a firm with violating a law or regulation enforced by the agency
  7. Initial Order
    in the context of administrative law, an agency's disposition in a matter other than a rulemaking. An administrative law judge's initial order becomes final unless it is appealed
  8. Final Order
    the final decision of an administrative agency on an issue. If no appeal is taken, or if the case is not reviewed or considered anew by the agency commission, the administrative law judge's initial order becomes the final order of the agency
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