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  1. What is the SPR
    The book that governs all work done by or for BC Hydro and all access to it's power system
  2. What are the 6 rules assciated with Live Line Permits
    • A permit must be obtained from the PIC
    • Only qualified electrical workers can recieve one
    • All automatic reclosing devices must be disabled and tagged
    • There must be means of direct communication between the permit holder and the PIC
    • In the case of de-energization, the PIC must contact the permit holder before re-energization
    • The circuit involved shall not be paralleled without notifying the permit holder
  3. What is the definition of energized
    An electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, hydrolic, thermal or chemical energy, or force such as gravity that could potentially harm a worker
  4. Who can recieve a clearance
    A qualified worker authorized to PSSP category 5
  5. What is the definition of Guarantee of No Re-close
    A stated and duly logged guarantee between PIC's from different operating authorities that a specific conductor or piece of equipment shall not be reclosed manually or automatically
  6. What is PSSP
    The BC Hydro operating order that provides worker protection when working on the power system
  7. What is the definiation of qualified
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