human sexual psychology Chapter 1

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  1. human sexuality
    involves self understanding, interpersonal sexual skills, scientific knowledge, and consideration of the cultural context of sexuality
  2. Psychosocial perspective
    a combination of psychological and social factors
  3. gender role legacies (role for males)
    provider, protection, leader, strength, power-dominance, agression
  4. gender role legacies (roles for females)
    nurture/mother, sensitive, caregiving, subsident, passive, compassionate
  5. gender role legacies (type of male/female)
    hypermasculine, androgenius, hyperfeminine
  6. sex for procreation (ancient Greece)
    sexual excess(sex was viewed as a distraction from progress in society)
  7. sex for procreation (china)
    taoism (better to have balance between man and women), ancient china believed sexual activity was a means to spiritual growth, communist china brought about the one child rule because they believed the same way that ancient greece did
  8. sex for procreation (Industrial age)
    increase in sexual options
  9. sex for procreation (protestant reform)
    Started with Martin Luther, sex in marrige is healthy (and the only way)
  10. sex for procreation (19th and 20th century)
    prostitution growth, gender roles began to be put into place
  11. sex education(sweden)
    12 years of education is the norm, is built into one's educational system, abortion is legal, parenting is more accepting to the idea
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