Account 102

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  1. Total Mfg Cost (Current Manufacturing)
  2. COGS (Cost of goods sold)
    Beg Fin Goods Inv+COGM-End Fin Goods Inv
  3. Total Cost of WIP
    Beg WIP Inv+Total Current Mfg Cost
  4. COGM
    Total Cost WIP - Ending WIP
  5. Cost of Finished Goods (Ending Finished Goods)
    Make - Sold
  6. Direct Materials Used
    Beg RM+Purchase-End RM
  7. Predetermined Overhead Rate (POR)
    Estimated Annual Overhead Cost ÷ Expected Annual Operating Activity
  8. Under or Over Applied
    Overhead Assigned - Overhead Incured

    • debit = under
    • credit = over
  9. Equvalent Units of Production
    Units Comp and Trnsf Out + Equiv Units of End WIP
  10. Unit Material Cost
    Tot Mat Cost ÷ Equ Units of Mat
  11. Unit Conversion Cost
    Tot Conv Cost ÷ Equ Units of Conv Cost
  12. Total Manufacturing Cost Per Unit
    Unit Material + Unit Conversion Cost
  13. Conversion Cost
    Sum Labor Cost + OH
  14. Cost Accounted for Tranfered Out
    Total Mfg Cost per unit x Trns out units
  15. Material Cost
    Unit Cost Materials X End WIP Units
  16. Conv Cost Total
    (End WIP Units x End Conv %) x Unit Cost Conv
  17. Activity Based Overhead Rate
    Est OH Per Activity ÷ Exp Use of Cost Driver Per Activity
  18. Variable Cost Per Unit (H/L Meth)
    • Change in tot cost ÷ (High-Low Actvty Lev)
    • like slope y2-y1/x2-x1
  19. Fixed Cost (H/L Meth)
    H or L Tot cost Actvty - Tot cost Var (of same chosen H or L)
  20. Contribution Margin Per Unit
    Unit Selling Price - Unit Variable Cost
  21. CVP Net Income Total
    Tot Contribution Margin - Tot Fixed Costs
  22. Contribution Margin Ratio
    Cont. Marg per unit ÷ Unit Selling Price
  23. CVP Net Income Increase
    Sales Change X Contribution Margin Ratio
  24. Break Even Point Total Units
    • Sales(Qperunit)=Vari Cst(Qperunit)+Fixd Cst+[NetInc=0]
  25. Break Even Point Total Dollar Amt
    BEP Units X Selling Price per unit
  26. Break Even Point Total Units using CM per unit
    BEP unit = Fixed Cost ÷ CM per unit
  27. Break Even Point Total Dollar Amt using CM %
    Fixed Cost ÷ CM ratio (%) = BEP $
  28. Target Net Income Sales Units (Q)
    Req Sales=Var Cst Q+Fixd Cst+Tar Net Inc
  29. Target Net Income using CM per unit
    (Fxd Cst+Tar NetInc)÷CM perUnt=Req Sale
  30. Target Net Income using CM %
    (Fxd Cst+Tar NetInc)÷CM ratio%=Req Sale
  31. Margin Safety in Dollars
    MS $ = Actual Exp Sales - Break Even Sales
  32. Margin of Safety Ratio
    MS% = MS in $ ÷ Actual Expected Sales
  33. Total Operating Income
    Expctd Sales - Tot Var Cost - Fixed Cost
  34. Sales Mix
    x/y x=prdct x sold y=total products sold
  35. Weighted Avg unit CM
    • (x1*y1)+(x2*y2)=WAvg unit CM
    • x=prdct CM per unit y=sales mix
  36. BEP total units CMavg per unit
    Fixed Cost ÷ CMavg per unit
  37. Weighted Avg CM%
    • (x1*y1)+(x2*y2)=WAvg unit CM
    • x=prdct CM% y=sales mix %
  38. BEP Dollars Avg
    Fixed Cost ÷ CMavg %
  39. CM per unit of limited resource
    • CMperunit÷number units of limited resource required
    • i.e. CMperunit÷machine hours required
    • 200÷.02
  40. Total CM with Additional resources
    • CMperunit x additional resources
    • 240perunit x 100hrs
  41. Degree of Operating Leverage
    CM ÷ Net Income
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